It takes time and determination to manage credit card debt but it’s not impossible. There are ways to manage credit card debt and if you keep reading you’ll find some solutions to your financial problems.

Common sense financial advice is to avoid credit cards or personal debt. Credit cards usually have high-interest rates and they are not taxed deductible. However, they are unavoidable sometimes. When you are in debt and struggling to get out of it, you’ll need the right strategies and the right financial tools.

Managing credit card debt can be challenging. A lot of people are struggling with bad credit but you don’t have to do it all alone. There are short-term financial solutions like personal loan calculator to help you.  These financial tools can help show you the way when mapping your debt management.

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Here are ways to manage credit card debt

The goal in life is to have a balanced financial journey. And one of the first steps in doing so is to eliminate and manage your debt wisely, whether it’s credit card bet, mortgage, or personal loans. Here are a few bits of advice so you can manage your credit card bet well.

1. Build healthy spending habits

The distribution of money varies from person to person. We all spend our money differently but how healthy are your spending habits? I used to be an impulse buyer and this is what got me into having a mountain of credit card debt.

I was using my credit cards like debit. Not long after, I found myself stuck in paying off my credit card debt while living paycheck to paycheck. This is something you don’t want to be in. So, why not start building healthy habits now?

2. Prioritize eliminating your credit card debt

If you want to eliminate and pay off your credit card debt, you have to make it a priority. Plan to manage your debt. No matter how much your debt is, if you have a decent and realistic plan, it will surely brighten your situation.

You can start with automating your payments. It’s good when your payments are made just a day after your payday. This way, you won’t miss any payments.

3. Freeze your credit card

This does not mean literally putting your credit card in the freezer (although you can if you have to) This is one of the best ways to manage credit card debt and to help you eliminate debt.

When you stop using your credit card, you won’t have new purchases so you can focus on paying what you have spent.

Eliminating credit card debt takes a lot of effort. It takes hard work and commitment but it is doable by cutting off your extra expenses.

4. Have an emergency fund

Sometimes in life, we hit choppy waters. The pandemic has taught us an important lesson that people can instantly find themselves without a reliable source of income. These are times when emergency funds come to our aid, especially when we are paying off debt.

A good rule of thumb is to save cash for at least a month or two of your salary’s worth for an emergency fund. Here’s how you can save for an emergency fund.

5. Look for financial guidance

If you want to speed up managing credit card debt well, you got to look for guidance. Financial counselors are there to help with your debt management plan.

Stay updated with financial topics and constantly learn about finance. This should not be difficult since there are lots of resources online such as to do this.

6. Pay more than the minimum payment

If your budget allows, pay more than your minimum payment. This way to manage debt will speed up the process.

The monthly minimum payment is the least you can pay to avoid late fees. This helps you as well as maintain a good repayment history as well but if you can, pay more than the minimum. A little bit of increase in the interest rate helps.

7. Diversify your income

To beat debt, a diversified income is a smart move and there are a lot of ways to diversify your income.

Diversifying your income not only helps you manage credit card debt but also prepares you for the future as a backup to losing your sole job.

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Do you have other ways to manage credit card debt?

It’s true that no matter what your financial situation is, the future always remains uncertain. The pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson. That is to map out and prepare your financial future. As said above, the first step to achieving this is to manage credit card debt or any loans you have. I hope these pieces of advice help you get closer to your financial goals.



  1. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    September 7, 2022 at 2:36 PM

    What a wise post! I suffer from this problem too. The only way I could handle it was what you say in point number 3. I stop using a credit card

  2. Ntensibe Edgar

    September 7, 2022 at 11:07 AM

    Hihi…why do I suddenly like the idea of freezing my credit card? There is no way I will spend what I can’t get.

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