In relationships, the search for a fantastic date is one exciting journey we can embark upon. Unfortunately, it can be frustratingly difficult. Sometimes, you just have wished you could date a hot guy without all the drama.

Well, now there’s a better way. Escort services that provide non-sexual companionship allow you to get the perks of dating without all the stress. You can be yourself and enjoy your time with someone fun, engaging, and attractive, without worrying about whether or not they want to sleep with you. Let’s find out why some ladies prefer male escorts as dates.

Non-sexual escort agency services offer freedom and safety that other dating methods cannot match. With an escort by your side, you can relax and enjoy your time together knowing that both of you are there for the same reason – to have fun!

Plus, you never have to worry about whether or not the date will lead to sex. It’s all about companionship and nothing more.

So why not give it a shot? You may be surprised at how much fun you can have without all the drama.

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Why Some Ladies Prefer Male Escorts as Dates

Why some ladies prefer male escorts as dates? Well, there are a few reasons.

Male escorts are often good-looking and charismatic bachelors. They know how to make a woman feel special and appreciated. They’re great at making conversations enjoyable.

You can have a good time with an escort just talking over dinner, going to the movies, or taking in a concert.

If you’re not into dating a very attractive person, escorts are the way to go. You don’t have to worry about feeling insecure or comparing yourself to their other dates. You know that they’re only there to spend time with you.

Suppose your non-sexual companion is an escort who comes highly recommended by a fellow friend or family member. He may even be referred to you by the escort agency.

In that case, it can be very reassuring knowing that their reputation is on the line with every date. They’re not going to jeopardize that by mistreating you or disrespecting you in any way.

If non-sexual dating sounds appealing to you and you want to avoid the drama of traditional dating, consider using an escort service for your companionship needs. You’ll be happy you did.

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What to Expect When Dating an Escort

When you’re dating an escort, there are a few things you can expect. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll have a great time with your escort date.


Most escorts are professionals, meaning they likely have a career outside of escorting. After working as an escort for a few years, it’s not uncommon for men to be models or go into banking, consulting, etc.

During their escorting, these individuals will have to be polite, reliable, and respectful — every date is a potential new client.

In fact, as escorts age, they often find it easier to get dates as their desire to provide companionship increases.

A Unique Experience

Escorts are likely different from other people you’ve dated. This does not mean they’re weird. It just means they’re unique and alternative.

You might go on a date with another gentleman or lady who’s an escort, but you’ll likely never meet the same person again! Because of this, your escort date will provide you with a new and exciting experience that other dates wouldn’t be able to give you.

 Companionship and Entertainment

Remember, the reason you’re dating an escort has to do with companionship and entertainment. As an escort, you’ll be expected to look your best and provide your date with experiences they’d never forget.

However, you won’t be expected or asked to perform sexual acts on your date. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s essential to disclose this information before the date. Otherwise, you might find yourself in over your head.

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What are the Benefits of Dating a Male Escort?

There are many reasons why ladies prefer male escorts as dates:

Why some ladies prefer male escorts as dates
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 Getting What You Paid For: Escorts are professionals who know how to please their clients, and you can be sure that you will have a great time with them.

It is Discreet: If you don’t want your friends or family to know about your private life, then an escort is the perfect choice for you. They will keep all your secrets safe and confidential.

Punctual: You don’t have to worry about them standing you up like most guys you met in bars or online dating sites do. Escorts are usually punctual because they know that the ladies who hire them rely on their timeliness to make necessary appointments on time.

No Pestering: However, there is no such pressure when you date an escort at all. Escorts know that their clients hire them any time they feel like it, and that’s why they avoid pressuring or pestering you into meeting them again.

They know that if the date didn’t go well, there is no point forcing things because you can always call up another escort to take your place instead.

However, one big reason the ladies tend to avoid the regular guys they meet online and in bars: they can be very demanding and sometimes aggressive.

Many ladies avoid dating the average Joe because they see them as too needy and clingy and not worth their time or money if that’s how they come across.

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Why some ladies prefer male escorts as dates pinterest pin
Why some ladies prefer male escorts as dates pinterest pin


It is about finding what works best for you.

Ask yourself which type of date would be more appealing to you and go with that option. If it turns out that a male escort can help provide an experience or service that will make your life better, then choose them as your next date.

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    This is another benefit of equality. And there is nothing wrong with engaging in this kind of service, as both of you are consenting adults. Nothing is more aphrodisiac than a woman who knows exactly what she wants.
    Have you tried these services? I rather call them ‘a special friend’ than ‘male escort’.

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