If you wear glasses like me but are still dissatisfied with how you see, you should benefit from high definition glasses. But what are high definition glasses and when do you need them?

Digital vision lenses offer you minimum edge distortion, better clarity, and a wider angle. High-prescription wearers can now say goodbye to distorted and blurry peripheral vision. For that same reason, it is great for astigmatism or cylinder correction. It also accommodates the vertex, the distance between your eye and the lens. 

HD glasses are made using diamond-cutting equipment and digital technology that allows you to customize the surface of the lens to your taste. The quality of the vision is crisp with unmatched clarity and depth. 

high definition glasses
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Benefits of High Definition Glasses

Although HD glasses can benefit anyone, there are certain candidates better than others. People with higher complex prescriptions and larger astigmatism experience a greater change as it improves vision quality tremendously. If you are an eyeglasses wearer, you can get same day eyeglasses online to correct your unique vision issue. 

The greatest benefit of HD lenses is their ability to customize vision correction for people with unique sight problems. It provides them with brighter and sharper eyesight. It also gives patients a 20 percent broader vision for both near and intermediate distances, making reading more enjoyable. 

While these glasses are a great choice for single-vision glasses, they do more for people who wear progressive lenses. Digital progressive glasses offer a wider field view. With a better transition between distance and reading zones, high-definition glasses make it easier for progressive lens wearers. 

Free-form lenses 

Free-form HD glasses reduce spherical aberrations such as glares and halos through a specialized manufacturing process. They make nighttime driving more comfortable and safer. These HD glasses are hundred percent customizable and made to precision with computer-controlled surfacing equipment. 

The manufacturing process of HD free-form lenses takes an in-depth account of the angle and position of the lenses. This gives them the sharpest vision and the most accurate power available. These considerations work together to result in an unparalleled level of customization and precision. All HD glasses are free-form. 

Wavefront Lenses 

Wavefront HD lenses help you see clearer in environments where light is very low and dim. They also improve color and contrast vision. Wavefront glasses improve sight issues that linger on after refractive and LASIK eye surgeries. For HD wavefront lenses, your doctor must do a comprehensive measure of your eyes. 

Using a 3D automated device, the optometrist measures the refractive error and the corneal topography. The information gathered is sent to the lab that manufactures HD glasses. HD wavefront lenses make great driving sunglasses and nighttime vision glasses. 

The step-by-step process in getting your high-definition eyeglasses 

If you are serious about getting your own high definition glasses and improving your vision, you can follow these step-by-step processes.

Step 1: Data collection for accurate prescription 

After digitally scanning your eyes using specialized equipment, your eye doctor collects several data points on your eyes depending on your vision disorder. Using this data, the software of the equipment finds the most precise prescription. It considers your degree of refractive error but also the variations in the eye’s surface and shape. 

Step 2: Optimizing your fit and frames 

Once you choose your frame, the optometrist takes numerous new measurements. They include how the frame sits close to the eye, how it wraps around, and even the tilting of your head. With the precision attained through these customized measurements, the prescription of HD glasses will be highly accurate. 

Step 3: Manufacturing 

Your order with all the minutest details gathered is sent to a manufacturing lab where the lenses are created using a free-form, computer-driven generator. It reads the new prescription most accurately and creates the lens, accounting for the eye variations.

The variations are spread across the surface and not just in the middle of the lens so that you enjoy 0% blurry edges. 

High-definition bifocal sunglasses 

High-definition bifocal sunglasses are specially manufactured and are a combination of HD lenses, sunglasses, and bifocal. They protect you from sun damage, eye fatigue, and eye strain. Simultaneously, with your HD bifocal sunglasses, you can see far and near objects because of the bifocal lens. 

The lens in an HD bifocal sunglass is made of polycarbonate and is shatterproof, so you do not have to worry about rough usage. You can use it on the beach. For added safety, the lens helps minimize glare and increase contrast because it is made of copper, which is high in density. 

The gradient or tint on the lenses is selected specifically to make clearer vision while driving. If you are wearing a pair of high-definition bifocal sunglasses while driving, you will not have to squint your eyes to a slit. You can easily distinguish between things under different lighting conditions. The filtered and tinted lenses protect your eyes. 

HD bifocal lenses are not only prescription glasses, but they are also sunglasses, meaning they can also protect you from the negative effects of excessive exposure. The polycarbonate lens blocks UVB and UVA rays while enjoying your beach party or going for a long summer drive. The bottom part of the lenses of HD sunglasses is bifocal, meaning it will have prescription power. 

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