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As much as we strive to make our home look good, we should ensure it is livable. This means making our home more comfortable, safer, and happier. In other words, our living space is a place that supports our life and improves our health. We can live in any place with four walls and a roof. However, we need a more livable home to be happy.

Most people think that we need dramatic changes in our lives to be happy, but Gretchen Rubin said in her book, Happier at Home, we can find happiness in small things. Happiness does not need to be paved with hardship, it can be found at home.

Here are some of the simplest ways to make your home more livable. If you’re searching for more ease and comfort in your home, and more joy in your life then these tips are perfect for you.

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How to make your home more livable and happier

Creating a more livable home is all about making small changes and adapting your home to your needs but before you can create a more livable and happier home, you need to figure out what needs changing or what needs to be added.

Figuring out what makes you feel good and feel bad at home is the first step. Maybe the pictures hanging on your walls make you feel good or bad. Maybe adding Neon Mama signs on your wall will make you feel brighter. Check out the smell, or lightning in the house. Do you have any major disturbances in the house?

Also, ask yourself how you can develop a lifestyle that reflects your values. Do you need to consider ac installations to get through those hot summer months, or perhaps you would love a garden to relax in? Choose the furniture that aligns with what’s important to you. For example, I give importance to productivity at home, so building an office that allows me to be productive was the first thing I did.

Lastly, search for ways to develop an atmosphere for growth at home.

Do all these sound good to you? Let’s get started. These simple ways will make your home more livable and happier.

Open up the kitchen

making your home more livable - enhancing the kitchen

Your kitchen is probably one of the busiest places in the house. Accordingly, this is one place that feels more cramped and shut-in if you have a small house. However, you can make your kitchen more comfortable and spruced up with simple renovations.

You can install mirrored tiles, repaint the walls, and revamp the cupboard doors. To give a modern look to your kitchen cabinets, you can install custom-made glass shelves as it’s a popular trend these days. To get detailed information about different glass shelves options, learn more here. Push back the visible space to the walls to open up your kitchen and make it more accommodating.

The kitchen is usually the messy part of our home, so I try my best to keep it clean. There’s nothing more motivating to cook for the family than a clean and freshly-looking kitchen.

Invest in an HVAC system

Regardless of the climatic condition of the area you live in, an air conditioning unit will make a difference in your home. Rather than fanning yourself during warmer summer months, invest in an HVAC system that allows you to switch between different temperatures for your home.

With a simple switch, you can regulate the home temperature and make your home more livable. Modern HVAC systems come with integrated air filters that improve the quality of the air you breathe at home.

If you already have an HVAC system in your home, maintenance is important. To make your home more livable and comfortable all year round, scheduling an annual HVAC maintenance is a great idea. You can easily find air conditioning repair in watauga tx or similar services in your area with a simple google search.

Add a screen wall

One of the simplest ways to make your home more livable is by creating more chilling spaces. This includes creating more comfortable outdoor spaces for entertainment and relaxation.

While patios and decks are a great addition to your backyard, they come with some drawbacks. Lucky enough, a screen room allows you to spend time outside and still get protected. Consider hiring a professional company to create a screen room for you.

Spruce up your bedroom

You can make your home more livable by giving life to your bedroom. A simple cat, such as adding swyft sofas or repainting an accent wall. You can also install a dimmer switch to make your bedroom a little flirtier. You may also want to cut the power and follow safety regulations to make your bedroom a safer place.

Light up your home

A naturally lit house is safer and more appealing. Additionally, excellent lighting fixtures can reduce accidents, such as falls, and discourage pests that live in dark spaces. Ensure your home has sufficient light coming from outside and inside the house.

Use larger windows and doors to light up your rooms. You may also want to invest in new doors and windows to enhance your security and prevent the loss of warm air during colder seasons.

Add an indoor plant

Plants offer a natural way to regulate temperature and air quality in your home. Additionally, some plants, such as aloe vera, are associated with healing properties that enhance your health and overall well-being. Use indoor plants to make your home more comfortable, attractive, and livable.

I love adding plants to the bedroom and my office. They make me feel relaxed and more productive while working at home. There’s something calming and relaxing about having plants at home. Have a calm home with indoor plants.

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6 ways to make your home more livable pinterest pin
6 ways to make your home more livable pinterest pin


Finding comfort and happiness in your life requires building a more livable home. These tips will help you increase productivity at home too by making your living space more comfortable and livable. With a little soul searching and small changes in your home, you can transform your home into a more livable home.



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