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A collaborative post/ Whether you are a college girl that is immersed in her studies, a young woman climbing on the ladder of a greater career or a professional mom of lovely children who set goals to accomplish greater things in life. I know how packed up your schedule is. That’s why I have brought together 7 incredible makeup hacks for busy women that make you gorgeous in a few minutes.

First of all, I wanna say I’m proud of your tenacity to achieve what you want in your life, and the makeup tips and tricks I have brought up for you will take your confidence to the next level without spending forever on your makeup routine.

Woah! Sounds interesting right. Anyhoo…! If beauty is your superpower then makeup is a tool to boost it. So, hit the jackpot of being exquisitely beautiful every day with easy makeup tips for busy mums & young ladies.

Wait! Before we go onto the best makeup tricks & hacks. I want to share a really quick pro hack that is super easy to do and glam you up instantly. Yeah! You can get bold eyes that stay with you throughout the day without fading & irritation in the white area of your eyes by using the best drugstore eyeliner for waterline. Isn’t it cool?

Ohh! I think it’s time to get down to the chase and learn about some cool makeup hacks that change your entire glam game.

7 Incredible Makeup Hacks For Busy Women

Busy days really steal the time that gives up superpowers to face the world with exuberant confidence. Yeah! Makeup is something we wear outside but it changes how we feel within completely. Don’t worry! It only takes 5-10 minutes to become gorgeous if amazing makeup tricks for busy girls stand by you.

1.   Volumize Your Eyelashes With Baby Powder

Love long & volumized eyelashes? Wearing false eyelashes is not the only way to get them. Especially, when you’re busy and have to run down back and forth to get the work done. It’s hard to prevent false eyelashes from falling down.

Good News! You can achieve fuller, longer, and glossier eyelashes without sticking false eyelashes.

You just have to apply some baby powder after one coat of mascara. And then apply a second coat of Covergirl lash blast mascara to get the fuller, longer and gorgeous eyelashes.

Volumized eyelashes
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

2.   Highlight Your Brows With White Eyeliner

Getting your eyebrows shaped and prettying them up with eyebrow enhancers is not enough to get the alluring look. You got to highlight your perfect brows to accentuate your face shape.

Well, this incredible makeup hack for busy women is pretty easy to do. Just pick your white eyeliner and draw a thin line along with the lower side of your brows and blend it using an eyeshadow brush. Do it gently enough that it doesn’t fade away completely.

In spite of that, you can also use a highlighter to highlight your brows forgetting a party-ready look.

If thick and full brows are what you`re looking for, you may wish to consider investing in serums such as those available from Beverly Hills MD. These thick and full brow enhancing serum reviews will tell you why it’s a good product to add to your daily routine. Having naturally thick eyebrows is advantageous since you don’t need to take much time to pencil in your brows.

3.   Get Bigger Eyes With White Eyeliner

Getting wider and bigger eyes is a dream of many. Probably it seems impossible to achieve sometimes. Let me amaze you with the easiest & fun way to get bigger eyes you have always dreamt of.

For getting bigger eyes, you can either pick a white eyeliner or a nude one. If you fall into the category of light to fair skin tone white eyeliner works best for you and if your skin has gorgeous olive, dust, or dark nude eyeliner is there to help you.

As you pick the right eyeliner according to your skin complexion. All you need to do is to apply it to your waterline. Make sure the liner you use should be easily glideable & smooth to prevent watery eyes. Now, you can apply mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow whatever fits your mood.

4.   Hide Dark Circles With A Red Triangle

Confused? What the heck with the red triangle? I know! You haven’t heard about this before. But this is a new makeup hack that is used by professionals & makeup junkies to get the bright under eyes as they had never got dark spots.

So, Pick your favorite red lipstick and make a triangle upside down on your under-eye area. And blend it in all over your eyes with the help of your finger. Now, apply the concealer on and blend it properly until it seems like your second skin. Here you are with bright under-eyes with stunning makeup hacks for dark circles.

Discover more tips and hacks to make your makeup stay longer.

5.   Make Your Own Tint Foundation

makeup hacks for women: make your own tint foundation

Don’t wanna spend money on expensive tint foundation but also using separate foundation & moisturizer sucks? Alright! It’s time to make a tinted moisturizer yourself at home.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best makeup hack for dry skin you can ever come across. You just need to mix the same amount of oil-free moisturizer and your favorite foundation together and store it in a glass bottle.

Now you got the amazing makeup hack for tint foundation. And you can experiment with this as much coverage as you need.

6.   Get Fuller Lips With Lip Liner

Everyone wants fuller lips but not everyone has time to use lip plumpers and cinnamon home remedies. But, you can get perfectly shaped lips with amazing makeup hacks for lips.

First of all, draw the nice outer line on your lips and make sure it’s steady and clean. Now, fill the same color lipstick inside the outline. Now you can either use a lighter shade of lipstick or a white lip liner to apply on the center of your lower lips.  Blend it well with your fingertips and flaunt with fuller & gorgeous lips.

7.   Use Eyeshadow As An Eyeliner

The easiest way to achieve a soft smokey eyeliner look is to use black or brown matte eyeshadow on the replacement of eyeliner.

Creating a smokey liner through khol is not everyone’s cup of tea and it also takes up a lot of time. But we can take an easy road to create a magnificent smokey look with easy steps.

The best thing is you can play up with different colors every day to get the alluring look. You just need to draw a thin line on the edge of your eyelids along with your eyelashes.

If you want to soften your one stroke is enough, or in case of getting intensely bold eyes you can always build it up to 2-3 strokes. It is advisable to use long-lasting matte eyeshadow for getting the most out of the amazing hacks for eyes.

Check for more eyeliner hacks.

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How did you find the incredible makeup hacks for busy women? I’m sure you love them and enjoyed reading our article. So put these amazing makeup techniques into work to look gorgeous every day.

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    Hello there! These tips are very helpful, especially when women don’t have enough time to do makeup. Getting bigger eyes with white eyeliner is one of the best tips. Thank you and keep posting.

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