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Many of us are hopeful and inspired when it comes to our relationships. With so many posts about perfect-looking couple pictures, couples getting married, and surviving long-distance relationships plastered across social media, it’s so easy to get motivated and create our own relationship goals and couples bucket lists. Whether you are in a new relationship, dating for a long time, or married, the ultimate couple’s bucket list is perfect for you. In the list are 100 meaningful and fun things to do as a couple. And hopefully will make your relationship stronger. 

When creating a couples bucket list tho, it is important to remember that you have to make realistic goals and list meaningful activities that will add value to your relationship.

Fill your couples bucket list with things that will help you both grow and keep you two in line with your interests and passion. Create wonderful memories to bring you two closer together. The end goal here is to have a rewarding relationship and not get stuck with your partner in a routine of boring activities.

In the couples bucket list that follows, you will find ideas of things to do at home, travel goals, date ideas, and personal growth. 

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Couples bucket list 1: Home Adventure Activities

Do general cleaning together. Cleaning the whole house can be exhausting so doing it together makes the job easy. Plus you have fun together. 

Dance in the Kitchen. I love dancing. It’s my way of getting rid of stress from work. All my worries fade away with just dancing in the kitchen.

Play card games or solve puzzles together. There are lots of card games and puzzles available online. You can buy it on Amazon too. My boyfriend is from Australia and I am from the Philippines and we enjoy sharing our own games.  

Read books about relationships. Books can teach us many things. Improving ourselves and our relationships, being better partners, avoiding chaos and fights, etc… After reading the same book, you two can exchange reviews and talk about deeper things. I love having deep conversations with my boyfriend. My favorite is The love languages.

Prepare meals together. This is on top of my couples bucket list. Meal prep does not only save you money but the process of doing it is meaningful. Planning, going to the groceries together and cooking. It helped me become more considerate because we have different preferences when it comes to food.

couples preparing a meal together

Have breakfast in bed. Do you see those movies on TV about having breakfast in bed? I think they’re sweet. You can do it too. Surprise your partner with a healthy and delicious breakfast on the bed. This is something I want to try this year.

Take a bubble bath together. In every household in Japan, bathtubs are always present. So as bubble baths and soaps. We love bubble baths, especially in winter. It’s so relaxing, and calming and we can have meaningful conversations.

Set a star wars day, and watch all star wars movies. Call in sick, take a break from your job, and block all distractions. Watch your favorite series of movies all day. Ours is a star wars movie. Can you believe that? We watch all star wars movies in a day. 

Bring back memories and watch old pictures together. This is one of my favorites on my couples bucket list. Looking at old pictures brings me joy and love to me. 

Binge-watch movie series on Netflix or Hulu. The joy of watching a series that you both love is indescribable. Buy or cook some popcorn, dim the lights, and light some candles. My favorites are Kingdom, The Last Airbender, and Friends


Couples bucket list 2: Romantic and Date ideas

Book a private jet There`s nothing more romantic than flying with your partner on a private jet. Personal private flights allow couples to have an amazing journey and enjoy the company of each other. Check out private jet flight costs and book your flight.

Visit the place you had your first date or first kiss. Bring back those sweet memories and relive your first moments together.

Write love letters to each other. This can be emotional for both. Writing a love letter is a meaningful way to express your love and affection. Write the things you love about each other. Be as honest as you can be and express your gratitude, affection, and hopes. This is personally in my couples bucket list.

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Go on a Romantic Picnic. A simple, yet profound, date idea that will help you stay in love and generally celebrate your relationship and staying in love is going on a picnic. Pack some snacks and red wine, bring badminton rackets, get active, and have fun together.

Ride in a hot air balloon. It can be an expensive activity but worth the money if you are with the right person. Create moments, not just dreams, and add this to your couples bucket list.

Watch a romantic movie at the cinema. Herein lies the budget-friendly date idea: pick your favorite movie and book tickets to the cinema. Don’t forget the popcorn and a can of soda. 

Stay in a love hotel in Japan. Love hotels are everywhere in Japan and it is such a fascinating part of their culture. Get to experience it. 

Visit Disney land or Disney sea. When you commit to improving your relationship and staying stronger, fill your couple’s bucket list with fun and adventure. Visit Disney land. Spend some extra money on the costumes if you want and take hundreds of pictures together.

Go to the beach and catch the sunset. This is such a beautiful thing to do. Sunsets have always been associated with peace, calm, greatness, and awesomeness. Your relationship will be blessed by spending some time on the beach and watching the sunset.

Get a couple massages. Make a conscious effort to relax and eliminate stress. Have a couple massages and refreshments. Check out this massage course to learn techniques for massaging your partner.

couples getting a massage together

Surprise your partner on their birthday. Spend a couple of time planning your surprise. It can be making videos, reserving a fancy restaurant, buying your partner something he/she really wants, or getting messages from close friends.  You can buy unique gifts on Bold loft or Love books for personal gifts. Gifting your partner is one of the most meaningful things you can do to express your love.

See a live concert. This is on my couples bucket list since my boyfriend is into music so much. Kinda my own bucket list as well because I’ve never been to a live concert. 

Learn and play a love song in a foreign language. When you feel bored and have got nothing to do. Learn how to sing and play your favorite songs in a foreign language. 

Couples Bucket list 3: Holidays

Osaka catle Ilumination, osaka Japan

See illuminations. These special events request your presence. It’s such a beautiful and romantic place to visit and take photos.

Watch 10 Christmas movies. This is one of the most common things couples do at Christmas. Okay too common but what can I say, it’s one of my favorite things to do on holidays and it never gets old. 

Spend Christmas in a foreign country. This is such an adventurous thing to do on holidays. You will get to explore a new place and experience new things and come back home in awe and with new discoveries.

Attend festivals. Find yourself in fun and attend festivals in your hometown and other places too. 

Host a holiday event at your place and invite friends

Exchange gifts. If your partner’s love language gift, then this is a perfect thing to do. If you are all about Japan and Japanese snacks, I have the best gift idea for you.


Go shopping together. Remember that the simple things you do together like shopping have importance in building a stronger relationship. 

Take a holiday picture together. Have your picture printed and put them in a nice frame. Make it visible in your room so you’ll be reminded of this awesome memory every day. 

Couples Bucket list 4: Travels and Adventures

Visit a new country once a year. Make videos about your travels and put them on YouTube. Share it with your friends and the rest of the world

Fly in a Spitfire. Flying in a Spitfire is the ultimate bucket list experience not just for couples but for anyone. Check out to learn more about Spitfire flying.

Explore your locals and small towns in the neighborhood

Hike a mountain. Get moving. You can start small and if you love it, you are so free to hike the highest mountain in your country.

Go camping. Camping is one of the most exciting things to do together. Setting up the tent, gaze at the stars in the sky at night, lie on the grass, and make your food. By taking a few moments to feel each other’s love, turn off your brain and your phones, no worries, you allow yourself space and the focus to know and connect with your partner 

Go fruit picking remember to take a break and go strawberry picking.

Visit 20 new cafes in a year. Transform your stress or worries into enjoying cafes. 

Go bungee jumping. When it comes to adventurous things that you can do, why settle for nice when bungee jumping is also a wonderful experience you can have? 

Go river rafting. Bring some adventure in your relationship and try river rafting. 

Go snowboarding or skiing. Treat yourself to something special and add winter sports to your bucket list. 

Visit Japan in Autumn and see the foliage. Autumn is the best season to visit Japan. These pictures will convince you.

Couples Bucket list 5: Personal growth

Learn a foreign language together. Being able to speak a second language brings you lots of opportunities like meeting new people, leveling up your career, and traveling around the world. If you have this dream, it would be meaningful and fun to do it with your loved one. Italki is a learning platform we love and have been studying Japanese for 4 years now.


Write a diary for a month and show it to each other. This is a great way to get to know each other best. 

Exchange your to-do list or use the same planner. 

Buy each other a self-help book. There is power in books. Start with these recommendations if you have no idea.

Set personal goals and plan your future. 

Meditate. Sit in a quiet place. Focus on your breath moving in and out, feel the energy, and connect with your partner. Imagine the excitement, hope, dreams, laughs, tears, and endless sea of love you have. 

Watch TED talks. There is always something to learn from someone. And TED is the best platform there is for ideas. 

Host a podcast together. Choose a topic, you both love. No pressure, just have a normal conversation and share it on Spotify.

Learn a skill together. Head over to UDEMY and learn a new skill together. 

 Go to the gym together or exercise at home.

My own travel couples bucket list

Me and my partner love traveling and exploring new places together so we too have our own couples bucket list together. We both live in Japan and we have a lot of places we would love to visit someday.

Hokkaido. This place is amazing but very cold in winter. It is included in our couples bucket list because we don’t have much snow in our place and we would love to see the Snow festival in Hokkaido. It has earned its reputation as one of the top travel destinations not just for couples but families too. Hokkaido boasts its unspoiled natural sights, festivals, historical landmarks, coastline villages, and the freshest seafood in the country. I highly recommend you add it to your couple bucket list too.

Explore the neighborhood and small towns around Tokyo. We live two hours away by train from Tokyo so getting it is easy but it is a large metropolis and it takes a lot of time to fully explore the place. Tokyo is magnificent but what lies around it is more amazing I think. The small, quiet towns near Tokyo are great, or a day trip from Tokyo like Hakone, Kawagoe, or Enoshima is great to explore.

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What is included in your couples bucket list?

There you have it. The Ultimate Couples Bucket list. And you made it to the end of this article. Congratulations! You are officially desperate for the couples bucket list. Can’t get over bucket lists? I discovered a perfect website that is all about lists. Nicole from Bucket List Lists has everything you can ask for, from having a bucket list for travel, life, birthdays, and different seasons.

Which of these meaningful things to do would you like to try? What would you add to our couples bucket list? Comment them down below.

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  1. Simply Alex Jean

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    This is a wonderful list – packed with so many great ideas! I really love how simple of these ideas are but in the business of life sometimes we forget the simple things that help keep our connections and romance strong! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Lilike

    August 1, 2021 at 3:17 PM

    You may not have the money to book an in-person vacation, so pick a fun destination on your bucket list to explore virtually as a pair. Qantas launched a cool virtual reality app to explore Australia, so take a peek if you’ve always wanted to take a trip Down Under.

  3. Rochelle Jimenez

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    There are a lot of things that couples can do together. If you could do all these things it would be great for both of you. You will surely develop your relationship and enjoy the company of each other.

    1. Ali

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      Thanks for reading Rochelle. These are really great and meaningful things to do as couples

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    wow this is a complete guide. i cant think of anything to add on this list. i love this, this is very helpful po.

  7. Blair Villanueva

    February 19, 2021 at 1:42 AM

    Travel together even locally helps to test and strengthen your relationships. Every day we discover something new, and help each other grow.

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