I believe in the value of education more than anything. I strongly promote personal growth for everyone and I am passionate about taking courses to improve my life and live my best life. So here is a collection of courses I think will add value to you and will have a dramatic effect on your life too. Find something that will resonate with you and take the class you think you need the most. More new courses are added every month so be sure to come back and get updates!


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Everything you need to take your life, your business, and your financial abundance to another level is here. Ashley’s bundle is jammed packed with amazing stuff such as Finding your purpose, interpreting your emotions to align yourself with your calling, elevating your intuition, and many more. Take the course itself to see and experience the magic of manifesting.

This is the best resource to achieve your goals. It includes 6 step-by-step modules, video lessons, guest lectures, printables, and workbooks. You can also have access to the goal slayer community once you take the course. If you got big plans and dreams for the future, this is what you need to put into reality. As Nadalie always says, don’t just set goals, slay goals.

A collection of Meditations, eBooks, and Audiobooks. Teal Swan is International Speaker and Best-Selling Author. She inspires millions of people through her books, courses, and blog. Like her, I am also passionate about inspiring people through authenticity, love, joy, and freedom. I highly recommend her self-mastery collection because when you master yourself, you can be unstoppable and it is such a powerful thing to achieve.

Tony Robbins shares his expertise in creating better and healthy relationships in this course. It is what he does best. helping people improve their lives in the aspects of personal development and relationships. If you’re willing to take action and put work into your relationships like taking this course, magic will follow. Tony Robbins says, Lasting, passionate love isn’t something you find out of luck — it’s something you create.

This course is beautifully designed to work on your financial goals. It is fully loaded with video lessons, prompts, meditations and workbooks to attract abundance into your life. I love that in week 1 of the course, she tackles self-worth and abundance which is very important. My favorite part of the course is week 3 which is all about giving and receiving. Check out the course yourself and reap the benefits of it. “Money is simply an appreciation of someone’s services or goods, 
a symbol of love and integrity.”

Kelsey is one of the most amazing people I have met on the internet. She is an embodiment of owning your own power and winning life. Her course is specifically designed to help you open your heart and alter your perspectives so get ready to see and experience yourself in profound ways. Self-love is a powerful thing. It helps you overcome self-doubts, improve your relationships, and gives you more courage. The best effect for me is having my confidence and owning my power,

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