Everybody wants to find lasting love. But the truth is, it’s terrifying to take the first step—dating.

This is especially the case with smart, strong, & successful women, for they are used to getting all they want in life. They are focused on their career then end up asking the question: How successful women overcome dating anxiety?

If you want to find love and overcome the anxiety you feel, then you need to heed the advice of dating coach Evan Marc Katz below.

How Successful Women Overcome Dating Anxiety
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Overcome Dating Anxiety

Overcoming dating anxiety is not easy, and it’s definitely not something you can do overnight. We need all the help that we can get, from family, friends, or a professional Dating coach. After helping singles find love since 2002, here are his mindset hacks on overcoming dating anxiety.

The Dating Stakes are Generally Low

As the relationship personal trainer used to say, a date is only about 90 minutes of your life—may be even shorter, depending on how things pan out.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? Sure, a few men may be so self-absorbed that they don’t ask any questions throughout the date.

So what? It’s not like this is going to kill you. However, what will kill you is the fear of missing out.

What if he was, in fact, your future lifelong partner? Would you risk losing the possibility of marriage just because you have dating anxiety?

Don’t Worry About How the Person Thinks of You

Of course, this is easier said than done. But as dating coach Evan Marc Katz used to say, he’s not your husband—well, not yet.

If you keep on worrying about whether he’ll like you or not, you’ll end up micro-managing the entire date. The guy will realize this pretty quickly, which is why you should avoid it at all costs.

Not caring about what he thinks will make you feel more confident. And, as always, good men like dating confident single women.

So if you want to enjoy a relationship success story, then go out there as if you’re his best lady friend. Before you know it, he’ll be thoroughly hooked with you.

Make Sure to Put Aside Your Relationship Agenda

Whether you’re a first-timer or a serial dater, your intention is to pursue relationships.

That said, you should put this plan aside, at least for the time being.

Remember, you’re out there to converse and have fun. If he calls out to ask you for a second date, then good for you.

As you date more and more, that’s the only time you should consider the commitment issue.

Don’t beat yourself up if your first date doesn’t lead to a second one. With the help of some much-needed relationship coaching with Evan Marc Katz, you’re sure to have a blooming love life soon.

Think of Him as Your Seatmate on the Plane

According to the dating coach, a great way to beat the anxiety is to treat him like a seatmate on the plane.

It’s all about making small talk, as you would do to pass the time onboard.

You’re not there to find out if you’ll get happily married someday. You’re there to know him as much as you can.

And, should things get better along the way, then good for you!

Develop Dating Curiosity

By curiosity, Evan Marc Katz refers to an interest, not an interrogation. It’s the key to a lasting relationship, after all.

As he explains in his book Why He Disappeared, the unique coach had a client who grilled his dates about their wrong qualities. Of course, this didn’t bode well to his dates.

With Katz’s tips, his client learned to listen with curiosity instead of an intent to interrogate. This helped her gain access and insight into her date’s psyche.

They were able to connect more. The rest is, of course, relationship history.

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Don’t Worry Much About the Outcome

Say the first meeting went well. He asks you out for a second time. Whether you decide to go out or not for a second date, don’t dwell much about it.

For example, if you want to pass up on the chance, it doesn’t mean that you will never come across a passionate relationship ever again.

Likewise, if you agree to go out with him, it is not necessarily a sign that you’re going to sleep with him or get married to him.

It is what it is, so don’t overthink it. Remember: NOT worrying is the best way to find a guy you like and eventually love.

Revel in the Experience

As they always say, try and try until you succeed. You may have been hurt a few times, but you should keep on going. It’s the experience that comes with relationships, after all.

Think of it as a sign to personally polish your dating skills. Who knows? In the end, you may finally find the man who’s meant for you.

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How Successful Women Overcome Dating Anxiety pinterest pin
How Successful Women Overcome Dating Anxiety pinterest pin

Over To You

It’s no secret that dating brings about anxiety, among many other negative things.

The good news is dating coach Evan Marc Katz can help you out with this and more. Those who followed his tips found happiness in only a few months.

Who knows? You may end up with the same happy fate, too!

QUESTION: Did you have any dating anxiety? How did you overcome them?



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