Are you interested in making money from blogging? Well, there are a variety of ways you can do so. Many people today are looking for the best ways to make money from blogging and it has become more popular than ever. It has become easier than you might think. There are a lot of different opportunities available that can help to bring the money in from your blog.

In this blog post, we are going to look for some of the very best ways to earn money while blogging.

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But first, why should you blog?

There are many reasons why you should start blogging. Me, I started as a hobby and I had no intention of turning it into a business but I learned a lot through my journey. I got attracted to the idea of simply publishing one’s own take on a particular topic and letting the money roll. Although, this is not the only reason that’s keeping my blog.

It creates more opportunities

This is one of the most important reasons to start a blog. It creates endless opportunities for me and for you. Whether it be in the form of friendship, financial gain, or self-growth. I got to meet different people on my journey and the blogging community is just amazing.

Blogging puts your personality out there for the world and gets you noticed in a unique way. My blog gave me the perfect opportunity to be heard and inspire other people.

Blogging has huge financial advantages

I may say this a lot and I will not stop preaching that anyone can make money from blogging when done right. It’s pretty nice to have a hobby that pays you right? Whether you make $20 a year or $20,000 a year. I found joy in blogging in the first place and it was even better when I learned I can make money out of it.

There are a lot of top bloggers out there that make money from their blogs. Whether it’s from advertising, reviewing products, or accepting sponsored posts, your blog can help you financially. Michael Oyco, the owner of Michael’s Hut blog, is a great blogger I met from the blogging community. He takes advantage of advertising on his blog which creates ample opportunities and earns him a decent amount of money each month.

Ultimately, your blog can lead to a career in blogging, which may seem far off when you started, but it’s becoming far more acceptable today. You might have been disappointed in the early days of your blogging career but like Michael who earned $73 in one day by blogging with Adsense, you can take advantage of the opportunities that come around.

Blogging is a great way to improve your writing skills

Can I tell you something? I wasn’t good at writing before. There were many times when I spend lots of hours in front of a computer trying to come up with words and express myself. Even these days, I still struggle but blogging is the best way to improve.

As long as you write regularly, you can improve your writing. One of the reasons I found joy in blogging was because I was able to improve mine. I still remember the joy and confidence I felt when I published my first 5 articles.

Blogging is a place for self-growth

Broadcasting yourself online is never easy. It has ups and downs but also, it allows time for reflection and perspective. You will be able to look back at past work and ideas. Because the articles you write serve as a form of a diary entry. Placing your ideas into a public form also allows your creativity, and confidence to grow.

It serves as a personal journal

Blogging serves many of the same roles as a personal journal. It trains us to be observant and gives weight to the personal growth that we are experiencing. It trains our minds to track life and articulate the changes we are experiencing.

Starting a blog would serve as a digital record of your life that is saved in the cloud. And the best thing about it? it can never be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire.

Now, How do bloggers make money from blogging?

Blogs mean bucks.

This is something that stuck with me while I was taking a blogging course online. When I managed to get my first $500 income as a blogger, I decided to work hard to keep my blog and learn more ways to make money from it. Here are some ways you can do to make money from blogging even if you are a beginner.

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Affiliate Ads

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is with affiliate ads. There should be ads that are related to the content which you have on your blog to ensure a higher click-through rate. The good news is, that no matter what niche you are in, you will always be able to find suitable affiliate ads to promote.

Platforms such as Google AdSense, or Ezoic are great to start with. I personally use SheMedia because I love what they stand for and their content ads are related to my niche. I love how the platform focuses on the community of women-owned and minority-owned publishers and creators.

Selling your own products

Selling your own products is another great way to make money from blogging. These could be digital products that your readers can download instantly, or they can be physical products that you’ll need to ship. And I am so thrilled to announce that Share to Inspire blog will be opening its shop soon.

It has been my goal to open my own shop and sell digital products and Iven been learning how to do it. This year will be that year for me.

Paid sponsored and guests posts

Sponsored posts and paid guest posts are the main sources of my income in blogging. This article itself is sponsored, which means that I got paid to write this article.

The best thing about sponsored posts is that you get to write about a topic you love and in exchange, you get paid for it. You get to write a blog post in your own voice and inspire others. Although opportunities don’t come around regularly and easily. I had to work hard to establish a good foundation for my blog.

Content is still the king when it comes to blogging. You cannot just write about anything, aimlessly. It has to be something that would give value to your readers. Also, I will add consistency in writing and creating valuable content.

When it comes to sponsored posts, you do not just wait for emails that come to your inbox asking for your rates for an article. You can sign up and join marketing platforms such as Getblogged or Intellifluence to get paid.

Other ways to make money from blogging

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There’s no doubt that blogging is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. Everyone loves the idea of writing blog posts and letting the money roll. Making passive income has gained popularity and now a lot of people have tried it. In fact, making a blog that makes creates income online is something very few have done successfully. In fact, many have tried but most have failed. So here are more ways you can make money from blogging.

Sell your services

Selling your services is a great way to attract money to your blog. Think about it. What are you good at? What can you offer to your audience? Make a course and sell it. Remember, knowledge is power. If you have knowledge and skills that are worth paying for, share them.

I could never make and started my own blog if I had not signed up for blogging courses. I could never have known how to make money from blogging if I have not had some blogging coaches.

Affiliate Marketing

Neil Patel explains best what Affiliate marketing is. This is my favorite way to earn money from blogging because the income is passive. All I got to do is promote the products I love and share them with my audience.

You can sign up for Share a Sale or  Impact Radius and start looking for valuable products to share with your readers.

Make money with your blog now

I hope this inspired you to start earning from your blog but before you go, just a friendly reminder though. Consistency separates an efficient blogger from the rest. Keep it constant. If you’re going to see your blog work for you, you’re going to need to keep working no matter what. It’s okay to feel demotivated or discouraged at times but never to give in. You may be losing the passion but keep the fire burning for your readers.

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  1. Hye Jin

    October 4, 2022 at 10:21 AM

    Blogging was my pastime before but after learning that I can also earn from it I enjoyed it more. Due to my blog, I met new friends and have been asked to be their tour guide whenever they visit Seoul.

  2. khoingn | The Broad Life

    September 1, 2022 at 1:55 PM

    I’m trying to make more streams of income for my blog. Everything is just started, but I believe it will get better soon. I’m still finding a way to have more traffic for the blog. It will be better for my blog’s income, I believe.

    1. Ali

      September 1, 2022 at 11:31 PM

      Yeah, traffic is important. Without it, its can be hard to make money from blogging.

  3. May

    September 1, 2022 at 2:47 AM

    I honestly can’t figure out why I do not qualify for google ads, I’ve tried twice already. There was no explanation at all. So my income from blog mostly comes from sponsored posts, and it’s not that much lately.

    1. Ali

      September 1, 2022 at 11:32 PM

      Im sorry about you being turned down by google ads. Usually, they look at your site traffic so You might want to work on that too. YOu can try ezoic or other platforms, they might consider your site.

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