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How do I get a job in Japan? I got this question a lot in my first year in Japan and even up to these days I still get some. There are more and more people wanting to work in Japan and I encourage them too. I always support people who want to experience Japan. Here is great. I love my job, the way of living, the culture, the food, and most especially the people. 

I would like to share how I personally applied and landed my job in this foreign land. This applies to people who are currently living in the Philippines and not in another country. 

Before I share how you will have to prepare your heart and mind. First, I want you to have a clear vision and create your WHY. Why do you want to live and work in Japan? This question is vital because you will always come back to it when challenges hit you or when you feel like giving up on your application. Set your goals you want to achieve when working in Japan. Second, If you’re having doubts, I advise you to come back when you are ready. Working in a foreign country has never been easy and not always glamorous. It’s not for everyone. A lot of people have tried, and gave up in the middle and left hanging. I just want you to be ready and willing to sacrifice so you won’t be wasting effort, time, and money. 

I’ve created worksheets to help you create your vision map and make lists.

Let’s get to how you can land your dream job in Japan

1. Seach jobs online

Once you’ve created your vision, you can head over to this website. I applied through workabroad.com. They have a lot of job offers for Filipinos not only Japan but many countries. Start with creating an account, setting up your resume. Once you’ve settled, you can search for specific jobs or agencies.

workabroad.com website

Another website that I can recommend is job street.com.ph Basically the same process, you have to make an account. Log in and search for jobs.

jobstreet philippines website

2. Reach out to people who are already working in Japan

I did my own research and asked people I know who are already working in Japan. Here is a list of the recommendations of legal agencies.

2.1 Prudential Employment Agency Incorporated

They offer different kinds of jobs including scaffolding, careworker, automotive mechanic and many more. Their main office is in Las Pinas city, Metro Manila but they also have branches in Davao, Batangas and La Trinidad, Benguet. 

If you pass the interview, you will have to study the Japanese language for four months, wait for your COE and an employer. You will have another training for one month in Japan before you get to your workplace. 


Their office offers vacancies for English Language Teachers in Japan. They recruit English teachers who will teach in public schools in Japan for a dispatch company, INTERAC. The catch is they have two main requirements: the ability to teach English with a sustained neutralized accent and the ability to drive a car.

2.3 Androme Recruitment & Management Services, Inc.

They recruit housekeepers, domestic housekeepers, and caregivers fro Japan. You can visit them at 10 Man Nam Building, Bokawkan, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

2.4 iTTTi Japan Peppy Kids Club

Peppy kids club hire private English Teachers for Japan. I believe there’s no placement fee but you will receive less salary as compared to Native speakers like from America, Australia, and others. 

First, you will have to send your application online. Initial screening will be reviewed by the head office in Japan. If you are qualified, their agency in Manila will contact you. They are located in Makati where you will have to do your exam, interview, demonstration, and paper processing.


1. Look out for job fairs. Take advantage of the job fairs in your municipality. They have a government to government job offers.


Look out for job vacancies through Embassy of Japan in the Philippines 

I highly recommend this one as they have a competitive salary compared to others but they also have higher standards of qualifications


01. Learn Japanese before coming to Japan

  • The ability to speak Japanese will be your greatest advantage in your application. Start learning now and you will never regret the decision when you arrive in Japan. Learning Japanese does not have to be expensive. There are a lot of free resources you can access online. Of all the learning platforms that are out there, italki is the best for me.

02. Get a TESOL certificate

  • Most companies don’t require a TESOL certificate but I advice you to take trainings. It is a good investment and will be your advantage from other applicants. 
  • I took my TESOL certification in Tony Vanilli Enterprise- TVE and I highly recommend it. They’re located in Baguio, Philippines but you can take classes online. Check their Facebook page here
how to land your dream job in Japan pinterest pin

03. Learn how to ride a bicycle

  • Commuting to work by bicycle is a common norm in Japan
  • When I first came to Japan, I couldn’t ride a bike so I had to walk 2 kilometers every day to work. Distance is not a big issue but it’s the weather. The weather here is very changeable. You could ride a bus but will cost you money and sometimes the schedule is not convenient.

Ready to work in Japan? Take the opportunity to work in Japan and start a new chapter of your life.



  1. Hyun Jang Nim

    March 27, 2021 at 6:55 PM

    I am thankful that you have listed a lists of different agencies where we can have some job opportunities and the site where we can find job online. I like the tips as well, it’s nice that I can ride a bike so I will not walk few kilometers anymore. Learning the language of a certain country really provides leverage for survival. I’m not familiar with this TESOL certification so I’m glad that you included it to your tips.

  2. Chriss Tabamo

    March 27, 2021 at 5:50 AM

    Sobrang nakaka inspire naman po ms ali. THANKYOU for sharing po . Aminin kopo,. ako po talaga wala akong lakas mag abroad. Diko po talaga pinangarap mag work sa abroad. Dahil sa isip ko parang hindi ko kaya, parang hndi ko magagawa ang Lahat ng mga nag wowork sa Japan. Unang una need mo ng malaking pera para makarating ka dun. Pangalawa need mo matuto sa Language nila.. Medyo mahina kasi ako dun eeheh. Pero yung asawa kopo. Sya po talaga yung may pangarap na makapag trabaho sa Japan at Korea. Actually gusto nga po nyang mag aral dun sa sinasabi nya sakin na Free lang.. Para if ever na makapasa sya pwedeng pwede na sya makapag work sa matagal na nyang pinapangarap. Parang kayo po. Ganda napo ng Buhay nyo dyan sa Japan. Nakayanan nyo po Lahat. Iba talaga kapag alam mo yung goal mo sa buhay .

  3. Apple Joy Camañero

    March 27, 2021 at 4:54 AM

    Thankyou for sharing this ms. Ali . Isa din ito sa sa pangarap ko mapuntahan or dito mag work kahit dati pa . Kse isa sa kptd ko na try na din mgwork dito .. siguro po ako isa lang magging dhilan gusto ko mgwork japan para sa aking mga anak ❤️😍 sila ang mgbbigay lakas skin . Thank your for sharing legal agencies very helpful ito sa mga katulad kong gusto mgwork sa japan ❤️😍

  4. Irish Laurio

    March 27, 2021 at 3:19 AM

    so inspiring, sa ganyang edad mo po parang ang ganda ganda na po ng life mo sa japan, isa dn sa pangarap q e ang makarating abroad, bukod sa korea gusto q na dn sa japan tlaga heheh kaso dami dn po pla proseso lalo na ung need mo pa mag aral ng japanese language parang ang hirap heheh pero kaya yan kung gugustuhin mo po tlaga, mas namomotivate po aqng magpursigi pa kapag nakakabasa tlaga aq ng ganito e salamat po ulit sa napaka gandang blog nyo na to, continue to inspired everyone po na marating ung mga goals nila in life, nandito lang dn po aq always para sumoporta 🙂

  5. Rowena Callo Vilareno

    March 27, 2021 at 3:14 AM

    Thank you sa tips Ms.Ali big help ito sa mga may plano mag work ng japan or other country dapat talaga alam mo yung goal mo, yung reason para Incase na mahirapan ka may huhugutan ka ng lakas ng loob. And sharing details po sa legal agencies lalo na dami pa naman fake agency ngayon mas maganda pa din talaga may kilala ka or idea ka sa country na pupuntahan mo.

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