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Almost everybody seems to dread Mondays. They have Monday Blues and that makes them feel downright demotivated. Come Sunday night and they start having that sinking feeling.

The truth is Mondays are inevitable. No matter how you feel, they won’t go away. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. With the right routine and motivation, you can kick-start your week in a perfect fashion. So, how to start Monday mornings the right way?

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Here are 12 tips to help you start Monday mornings the right way

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1. Hydrate and get physical

Like every other morning, start your day with water. You might be feeling sluggish on a Monday morning because of dehydration. Allow your body to have its fluid refill.

Take advantage of supplements like the Gundry products that are easily available online to help you increase energy and improve your mood. Although the market starting to become saturated as it is, it can be hard to look for the best products for you. So make sure to check out some Gundry MD Total Restore reviews too.

Also, do some physical exercise such as going for a brief stroll at a nearby park or just simply down the road. Any workout activity will do.

This is not only simple but quite a practical way of boosting your mood on a Monday morning.

2. Plan ahead

Mondays are typically busy – lots of meetings, deadlines to meet, or phone calls to make. Do away with being too rushed by planning ahead.

Spare some time over the weekend and work on how you would be tackling your Monday.

Or better yet, do some of the work stuff on a Friday night so your Monday morning would not be crammed with so many tasks.

Choose the best planner for your best life with Day Designer. Design your Mondays the right way and live more intentionally.


3. Resist the snooze button

This happens to most of us – once we hear the alarm, we have the tendency to press the snooze button. The thing here is it can screw up our morning.

You might be finding yourself rushing through just to beat the time. Avoid this by resisting the urge to snooze.

Do your best to practice getting up as soon as your alarm goes off. Doing this will ensure you a perfect jumpstart of the day.

4. Save a little weekend fun for Mondays

One of the common pitfalls of hanging out too much with friends on weekends is that it robs you of your energy. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun.

But do it the moderate way.

Save some time to look after yourself – to get yourself fully rested for the following week. Remember, Monday is coming and you have to be ready for another grind. Indulge yourself in self care activities and just be refreshed.

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5. Jumpstart your day with a mug of steaming coffee

Cliché as it may sound but this is how most of us start our mornings – not to mention, Monday morning. So, grab yourself a mug of steaming coffee and enjoy the time.

The caffeine it has surely perks you up, giving you the kick you need to start Monday morning the right way.

You can also listen to some jazz music to heighten the mood. If this does not sound perfect yet, I don’t know what is.

6. Dress for success

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Start your Monday morning with the right fashion – a killer one. By doing this, you are setting yourself up for a successful day.

It does not only emphasize your confidence but it sets the mood. It will also make you feel empowered and leave a great impression on your colleagues.

So, don your favorite clothes and get ready to conquer the world. Get some inspiration for casual work outfits.

7. Do yoga

In one clip, Sadhguru, an Indian yoga guru and author, said that all the many ailments, many problems that human beings suffer are simply because we have lost awareness as to how to be in sync with the many forces which are making us who we are.

Thus, he recommended yoga as it brings that sync so that you are in rhythm with life.

Yoga indeed does wonders for our life. It could be the lifesaver you need on a Monday morning. Thus, it’d be better to incorporate this into your morning routine to start Monday morning the right way.

8. Eat a wholesome breakfast

To be fully ready and energized, fuel yourself with a wholesome breakfast. This is how I usually start my Monday morning.

The reason why we sometimes feel cranky is an empty stomach. Thus, do your best to have a simple one – boiled eggs and maybe, a banana.

This reduces brain fog; hence, making you feel more alert. Start your Monday the right way and munch on some meal.

9. Reframe your thoughts about Mondays

Mondays are not necessarily dreadful if you just reframe your thoughts about it. Perceive Mondays as another opportunity for you to be productive and learn new things.

Rid yourself of the thought of Monday Blues. They’re not really real and they only exist in your mind. You can start journaling on blank pages and scribble your thoughts and get ready for the week.

10. Keep the same sleeping ritual over the weekend

Even if it is your day off, keep the same sleep schedule. One of the reasons you don’t start Monday morning the right way is that you lack enough rest.

You have used up all your energy over the weekend. Do away from that by going to bed at the same time.

This way, you will wake up the next day fully rested and ready to take off.

11. Gratitude

Instead of feeling burdened that Monday has come and you have to go out there and do the work, be grateful.

Gratitude has the ability to change our mood. It makes us smile and be thankful that we have this time to do what we love.

Thus, practice gratitude daily. Surely, you’ll be surprised by the number of good things that it may bring.

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12. Read a chapter of a motivational book

Personal development is the key to starting Monday morning the right way. You don’t need to grab a physical book for this. You can look it up online.

Try the 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins. The concept of the 5-second Rule according to the author is that if you have the instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. I believe this will be of so much help to you. Check out these inspirational books for women.

Ready to start your Monday mornings the right way?

Monday morning represents another opportunity to start anew. A successful Monday morning doesn’t start with luck. It starts with the right routine and mindset. Thus, trying one of the tips above can help you achieve just that.



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    December 1, 2021 at 10:59 PM

    Oh, I needed to read these tips so much — I struggle with Monday mornings, and if I have a bad one (which I often do) it kind of sets the tone for the day (ugh) and also the next few days. This was so helpful — thank you!

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