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Life is all about exploration – it is all about discovering and re-discovering yourself. As a human, you don’t stop growing. You keep on aiming higher and higher.

You are always on the go. You yearn to keep the ball rolling. However, all of the sudden, you have come to the point where you don’t know where you are headed. Life simply gets stuck.

It is as though you no longer feel invested in the things that you used to enjoy. Your life somehow lost that certain spark.

Perhaps, you are fed up with how your life goes on a daily basis. You feel trapped. You seem to be moving in circles.

That maybe be a sign for you to take a moment and reflect. It is probably high time for you to reinvent yourself and rekindle your spirit.

What does it mean to reinvent yourself

Reinventing yourself is the idea of breaking old habits or patterns in your life. It’s all about cutting off those that do not help you grow.

It also has something to do with changing your inner programming and self-image or the way you view yourself.

For some of you, it could mean altering your mindset or changing your habits into a much better set. To reinvent your life may also be about shifting careers, or re-assessing your values in life.

But then again, when it comes to reinventing yourself, you must remember that it comes with a price – time and discipline.

Reinventing yourself quotes

1. You are never too old to reinvent yourself

Age is irrelevant when it comes to reinventing yourself. No matter where you are in life, what stage you are in now, you just need to make a change.

Just because you are in your 50s or 60s does not mean you stop growing. You can be the oldest ones in the room or the youngest. But you’ll continually mature and develop.

Learn to live your life without limits. Do not allow age to define what you are supposed to become.

2. If you are not where you want to be, do not quit; instead reinvent yourself and change your habits. – Eric Thomas

Reinventing yourself starts with changing your habit. Perhaps, you want to optimize your performance at work; then stop procrastinating.

Take time to reflect. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, do something to change it.

Break free from the old, debilitating habits you have. Then, make a move on and stay committed to changing to new ones.

3. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” — Lao Tzu

Take risks! In order for you to reinvent yourself, you have to let go of what you are now.

Suppose you have a negative image of yourself. You think low of your abilities. You have self-limiting beliefs. Ditch those thoughts and change them into positive ones – those thoughts that would propel you to success.

I understand how hard it is for us to embrace change. But it is something you must do whether you like it or not.

4. “Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” — Simone de Beauvoir

Miracles don’t come true with you sitting down there and waiting for it to happen. You make them!

If you feel stuck or have reached the dead-end in your career, then do a self-assessment. Maybe, it’s time for you to change course. Maybe, it’s time to upgrade your skills.

Reinventing yourself has something to do with acting at the moment. You do not wait for tomorrow to make things happen. You do it right away!

Most of us have this certain feeling at some point in our life. We feel lost or empty inside. It is as though our body has become an empty shell. But, guess what? That is a terrible misconception.

Now, don’t fall into the trap of looking for yourself because you are not lost! You are exactly where life would want you right now. You just need to make a move.

You just need to put a stop to that feeling of emptiness or loss by taking over your life. Reinvent yourself by creating the image you want to become. Then, make your plan to actually reach and make that your reality.

5. To change the world around us, we need to change ourselves first.

This is all about getting real. Truth be told, you cannot change the world. You can only change YOUR world – your life!

Reinventing yourself comes with changing your mentality, your habits as well as your actions. Most of us yearn for a happy life, a thriving business, a lifelong career – most of the nicest things in life.

But how can you possibly reach that if you are harboring a mindset that says “I can’t!” or “God, that’s just impossible!” Believe in possibilities and it will surely happen.

6. Every morning we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Your past is your past. Leave it there. Get on with the future part.

Every day is a new day – that is my mantra. This kind of proactive and optimistic mindset matters in reinventing yourself.

By thinking that you are a different person every day makes it simpler to start changing yourself. So, do not allow your past to stop you from yearning – from dreaming for a better you.

Take each day as an opportunity to reinvent your life and to be better. Seize it and make your life greater than before.

7. Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation. – Stephen Covey

You are given the will to change the course of your life. So, make use of it. If it’s time to change, then you have to rise to the challenge and change your life.

Once you start reinventing yourself, you start to see more opportunities coming towards you. The simple action you do to calibrate yourself encourages others to do the same.

Thus, do not fear any longer. Embrace change and use your power to make a change.

Ways to Reinvent yourself

1. Create a vision of yourself

Reinventing your life always starts with creating your own vision of yourself. Who do you really want to become? What experiences and accomplishments do you aim for?

This is really necessary. Before you are able to reinvent and change the course of your life, you should know where you are headed.

Thus, spare yourself time to create your life’s vision. Then, create your own system on how you can possibly achieve it.

2. Know your strength

For you to keep moving in life and to reinvent yourself eventually, you have to know your strengths. What are those things that make you capable of doing something great?

Think of those abilities, skills, and talents you have. Make a list of them. This is what I do from time to time once I get stuck.

I reflect on the things I am capable of and I capitalize on them. You could also do the same thing. Use your strength to create a new version of yourself – a better and more impressive one.

3. Determine your goals in life

Now that you have probably identified your life’s vision, it is time for you to define your goals. Think of the things that you can do to achieve your vision.

Suppose you want to be an engineer and you want to work for a multinational company. What do you think are the goals you need to achieve in order to become an engineer?

Well, you have to go to school and study for four years. That is a goal. It is something that you can do for a certain period. Goals matter in reinventing your life because this will bring you one step closer to your vision.

4. Muster your courage

Reinventing yourself demands courage from you. Well, basically, you will be letting go of your old self. You will now be embracing a new you. That could be scary.

To muster courage, you have to think of the benefits you will be relishing. You have to think of the reasons why you are doing it. This is why it is important that you have a vision of your life.

Courage does not come easily. It takes time. Yet what matters now is you start by actually doing something that you somewhat fear.

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5. Emulate someone you admire

Think of a role model – someone you share values with or principles in life. It could be your parents, friends, colleagues, or a celebrity.

See what they do to continually improve themselves. There are so many things that you can undoubtedly learn from a role model.

You do not need to actually copy their routine. Just pick one valuable thing they do that you can do as well. Incorporate this in your journey to reinventing yourself.

6. Build good habits

In the book of James Clear, Atomic Habits, he talks about the importance of building a system – a habit. Here, he discusses in detail how a small or atomic habit can create a huge difference in one’s life.

These habits could be as simple as fixing your bed right after waking up in the morning. Small habits are quite important in changing your life and making it more productive.

So, take time to build good habits. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are.

7. Let go of self-sabotaging statements

let go of self sabotage statements
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Self-sabotaging undermines your success. Just because you made some mistakes before doesn’t mean that you are not good enough.

To reinvent yourself, you have to start with a positive mindset. Think that it is possible for you to change and make your dreams come true.

Thus, don’t go belittling yourself every now and then. Practice positive self-talk instead. You can do this by telling yourself that even if you messed up, that you can do better next time.

8. Pursue new skills

Skills matter the most in these unprecedented times. You have lots of competitors. That is why you see most people upgrading themselves by pursuing new skills.

Reinventing your life goes with pursuing new skills. Maybe, baking can open doors of opportunities for you. Who knows, right? Perhaps, vlogging is that new career that’s waiting for you to try.

Anything is possible for as long as you have the heart to try new things. So, enrich yourself even more. Learn a new skill.

9. Focus on the process

When you focus on the process, you are able to concentrate on the task at hand. Your focus at the moment is to reinvent yourself because you want to get the most out of life.

Therefore, it matters that you don’t get yourself hung up or feel anxious about the result. If you pay attention to the present, the great result will come to you naturally.

Don’t fret and enjoy the process.

10. Travel

This pandemic seems to have made traveling impossible. Thanks to the current development though – we’re now able to go to other cities.

So, if you feel stuffy or stuck, perhaps traveling somewhere will refresh your mind. You will be able to explore various places.

This might give you the fresh start you are looking for. Not to mention, it expands your views of things.

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11. Keep an open mind

When you are reinventing yourself, you have to keep an open mind. Life is quite uncertain and we are all aware of that.

Sometimes, things don’t go according to your plan. That is why if you are open-minded, it makes you more adaptive and versatile.

That no matter what happens, you keep going. You don’t allow frustrations to stop you. And that you are willing to go the extra mile just to change your life.

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Transforming yourself is a journey that requires discipline and grit.  It requires time and devotion. But if you are really set for a change and in reinventing yourself, then you will succeed in this quest.

Just remember, it doesn’t matter where you are in life or how old you are at the moment. What matters is your willingness to start anew and re-calibrate. So, brace yourself and go for it! Stay Inspired and motivated.



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