How to live your best life might be a difficult question for all of us but know this, all great things in life start with a single step. And so, I have a favor to ask you. It will only take a moment. But its effect will be grand I assure you. 

Spare a few minutes or hours of your time to visualize your future self. You can bring out your journal to map out your vision. To answer that with much accuracy, here is a good question to ask yourself.  Where will you be 5 to 10 years from now? What would your life look like? 

Before you begin with anything, start with the end in mind. Know what you intend to achieve. Knowing where you will be five years or 10 years from now will set your course to living your best life.

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How to live your best life books

Here are some of the best books I have read to live your best life. Your life cannot be with meaning without reading great books from great writers.

1. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

If you’re up to something compelling, brutal, effective, and on-point advice, this book might be just the one you’ve been searching for. The 48 Laws of Power focuses on empowering individuals and guiding them through life. 

Everything you need to hear about preserving yourself and living your best life is here. From dealing with your personal life to dealing with other people. You won’t be shortchanged because every law will be giving you something to think of.

2. The subtle art of not giving a F* by Mark Manson

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a book by Mark Manson. Perhaps, by now, you are already aware of it or have already gone through it. It’s titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*. The title seems straightforward and captivating. So, I grabbed a copy and started reading it. I must say it didn’t disappoint because, at that time, I didn’t even know it was something that would shift my paradigm.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F* is a must-have for this generation and the generations to come. It carves out pointers that people may consider and eventually live their best life. The book essentially encourages people to only pay attention to what truly matters in their life. Everything else is unnecessary and merely a distraction.

To live your best life, you have to focus on what’s meaningful to you.

How to live your best life quotes

These how to live your best life quotes are your motivation to keep you inspired in this life.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Robert Kennedy

One of the reasons people don’t live their best life is their fear of failure. They are so keen on maintaining their seemingly perfect life. They don’t want to be branded as losers if they fail.

Take failures as your gateways to opportunities and lifelong lessons. Failures teach you how to be stronger and more discerning than ever. Living your best life starts with knowing what works and what doesn’t. So, embrace failures and get excited about them.

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.

Sara Blakely

No one has it all. We have flaws and inadequacies. It’s by being aware of those things that we start to live our best life. So, what if you don’t know who came first – the egg or the chicken?

Your lack of knowledge of something does not make you a lesser man. By not knowing everything, you become enthusiastic about actual learning. You become dead set on constant education. It gives you a reason to wake up each day and seize the day.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

Belief in yourself and what you are capable of propelling you into the life you want to live. It’s true no one can stop you from achieving more, not even yourself. Thus, do not go thinking that you don’t deserve the beauty life has to offer.

Live your best life with the knowledge that you can eventually make things happen. Act on your words and stay consistent.

Rest in the end, not in the middle.

People are sometimes led to believe that once they accomplish a milestone, then that’s it. It’s the end of the road for them. They stop setting goals and accomplishing more. Don’t be like them.

If you’re tired, sure, get some rest. But don’t rest too much that you forget about what you’re here to do. To live your best life, you have to have the heart to keep going in life until you get your ultimate desire.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

Will Rogers

Yesterday’s gone. A new day has come. With that knowledge, let go of the past but carry the lessons you have gained. Come to think of it – by rehashing what happened and what shouldn’t have happened, do you really think you can turn back the clock and redo everything?

The answer is a resounding no. So, what then is stopping you from living your present? From living your best life? You have a plate full of sumptuous dishes in front of you. Don’t let the stale food of yesterday spoil them. Believe in the Power of Now as I do.

Best ways to live your best life now

So, you want to live your best life now but don’t know how? You are in the right place. We give you 10 tips just so you can do so.

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1. Be intentional

The significance of being intentional is it keeps you committed and driven. It gives you the unwavering focus and spirit to get what you want. To finally live the best life you are hellbent on having.

So, know what you truly want; what result you intend on bringing about. Be serious and deliberate with it.

2. Work on yourself 

Everybody lives a busy life, I get it. There are so many things to do in just one day, sure. But that shouldn’t stop you from sparing time to work on yourself. 

You shouldn’t neglect self-improvement and justify it with your hectic schedule. You have to romanticize life by encouraging yourself to wake up early and do the things that truly resonate with you. 

3. Surround yourself with people who are living the life you want

Remember how impactful and significant you surround yourself with? That’s right! Your well-being and how you perceive life can be affected by the people around you. To stay consistent and goal-oriented, stay close to those who share your goals or to those who are already living the life you want.

Doing that will give you the opportunity to observe what they do and how you can pattern your life from it. You don’t exactly have to copy them but learn from them. Let them be one of your inspirations for living your best life.

4. Be kind to others

You can never go wrong with kindness is my mantra in life.

Kindness works like magic. It has the power to bring you to greater heights. Being kind and caring of others’ welfare creates positive social interactions. This then promotes a welcoming atmosphere around you.

Altruism comes with kindness as well. By helping others, you create happiness for a lifetime. That then will help you live the best life you yearn for. 

5. Run toward your fears and do what you are afraid to do

You can never run away from the inevitabilities of life, including your fears. It’s bound to haunt you. Fear exists everywhere. It’s something we all share. What do we do about it? Learn to face and embrace it.

Of course, it is always easier said than done. To get out of this rut, we have to be courageous and do what we’re afraid of. Facing our fears requires constant practice. But with time and perseverance, you’ll develop the confidence and ease to face your fear.

6. Practice gratitude

Fortune favors the bold, and true. But it also favors the grateful ones. The more you show gratitude, the higher the likelihood you will receive from life. When people acknowledge someone else’s effort, it encourages that person to do more good things. It has a ripple effect. One drop of something creates a strong vibration that has a far-reaching effect.

Therefore, learn to say Thank You for even the tiniest achievement you have received at the moment. Journal them every day. You’ll notice wonderful changes in the years to come.

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7. Make daily plans

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To live your best life, you have to have a map – something you can refer to whenever you find yourself getting side-tracked.

Most people end up wasting their time being so all over the place. They are clueless about how they should start their day or what to do next. This is obviously not a wise way to spend a day. It is then highly recommended that you have a clear-cut plan.

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8. Work harder

Push yourself every day. Keep grinding until you are fully satisfied. With satisfaction in you, you would live your best life. Don’t be distracted by the smallest things around you. If you’re working on enriching yourself, turn off notifications. Get out of the virtual world and immerse yourself in the real one.

This is you you are working so hard for. You owe this to yourself and so, you cannot afford to slack off. Do you want to live your best life? Then, sacrifice a little every day.

9. Connect and learn from others

Connecting with others is one of the best ways yet on how to live your best life.

Your network can help you forge the best life you envision yourself to have. Learning from those who are ahead of you would save you all the trouble. So, be open and observant.

People tend to teach through their actions and as a learner, you have to be vigilant to see that. If you’re puzzled by something, have the courage to ask for help from those who have gone through the same thing.

10. Find your purpose

So, how to live your best life? Find your purpose.

Begin with a growth mindset. This means you hunger for self-improvement and constant learning. You have that intense desire to better yourself and to live your best life one day.

Finding your purpose is as a lifelong process as learning. You might not find your purpose right away, but you will in time. By just being open to experience, you will discover it. 

Sharing is Caring

Ready to live your best life?

You have to be willing to put in the effort to live the life you want. You might need to sacrifice every day of your life to do this. But it will be worth it. 



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