Do you typically feel rushed and stressed in the morning? If so, creating a morning routine may benefit you. Following a morning routine can make you more productive and set your tone for the day. Keep reading to learn how to create your own morning routine! This is your guide on how to create a morning routine and actually stick to it.

This is a guest post from Macy Sarbacker. She is a personal trainer, wellness expert, and Executive Editor at the Macy Michelle Blog. Macy lives in Wisconsin with her fiance and fur-baby. Thank you Macy for writing for Share to Inspire blog.

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What Is A Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a set of habits or actions that you go through every morning when you wake up. A morning routine helps you to set your day up for success. Having a specific routine can drastically help your focus, mood, and productivity. 

Why Do Morning Routines Matter? 

Morning routines matter for many reasons. Morning routines help us to set the tone for our day and allow us to control our schedules, rather than our schedule controlling us. Additionally, morning routines can help us to achieve goals and increase our productivity. 

And speaking of increasing productivity, designing a healthy mourning routine supports productivity and is a key to keeping you comfortable and energized every day. Because when you are energetic to start the day, you can do more of your to-do lists. You can enjoy supplements such as the Gundry products in the morning and incorporate them into your routine. If you want to save on must-have supplements, take advantage of these Gundry MD discount codes.

How To Create A Morning Routine

Now that we understand the power of morning routines, how can we go about creating one? Follow the steps below to create your perfect morning routine. 

1. Determine Your Goals

What are your goals? Do you want to lose weight? Make more money? Have more time freedom? Take time to picture your dream life. This can help you to determine your goals. 

Determining your goals is an important step in creating a morning routine. You need to know what you are working toward! 

It’s great if you can write down your goals and have a planner with you to track your progress.


2. Pick Habits That Resonate With You

Now it’s time to pick habits that resonate with you! These are the habits that you will use to build your morning routine. 

The beauty of creating a morning routine is that it is for you! If you want to meditate, work out and drink your coffee – that’s great! But if you’d rather journal, read a book and sit in silence – that’s great too. 

Choose the habits and actions that resonate most with you. Also, know that these habits can change over time. You can always edit and alter your morning routine. 

Here is a list of potential habits that you may want to implement in your morning routine:

  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Working out/movement
  • Sitting in silence
  • Making a to-do list
  • Reading
  • Affirmations 
  • Getting exposure to sunlight
  • Face washing/skincare routine 
  • Connecting with your partner
  • Cuddle and bond with your kids
  • Take a cold shower 
  • Visualize your day
  • Grounding

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3. Make A Plan

Now that you have determined your goals and picked habits that resonate with you, it’s time to make a plan. What can you do every day to help you get closer to achieving your goals? 

For example, if one of your goals is to lose weight, you may want to add daily movement or exercise as a part of your morning routine. 

While thinking about your goals, pick the habits that can help you get closer to your goals and make a plan for your morning. What will you do first? What time will you wake up? For how long will you perform each habit or action? Create a very clear plan so that you set yourself up for success! 

4. Develop An Evening Routine

Developing an evening routine is just as important as your morning routine! If you are going to wake up earlier for your morning routine, what time will you need to go to bed? What can you do at night to make your morning routine go smoothly? 

For example, if you plan to work out as part of your morning routine, part of your evening routine might be to layout your whole outfit so you can easily put it on in the morning and not waste time looking for clothes, socks, tennis shoes, etc. 

Think about your evening and create a routine that sets your morning up for success. 

How To Stick To Your Morning Routine

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Now that you know how to create a morning routine, how do you stick with it? Here are a few tips to help you stick to your morning routine. 

Take Baby Steps

Take baby steps toward your ideal morning routine. If you need to wake up 2 hours earlier to get everything in, start by waking up just 30 minutes earlier and start with part of a new morning routine. Once this feels sustainable, easy, and enjoyable, wake up a little earlier. 

Pick 2 or 3 habits that you want to start with. Add those habits to your morning. Then you can slowly add in other habits over time. 

Over time, your baby steps will add up! You will be able to stick to your morning routine because you did it gradually and eased into it! 

Be Consistent

Sticking to your morning routine involves showing up and being consistent. You’re not going to feel like bettering yourself every day. Some days, you might feel like snoozing that alarm.

But, being consistent will pay off in the long run. Show up for yourself every single day. The action of consistency will pay off! 

Example Of A Morning Routine

If you still need a little inspiration, here’s an example of a morning routine. 

  1. Wake up at the same time every day. 
  2. When you wake up, don’t look at your phone. 
  3. Open your curtains and expose your eyes to light. 
  4. Get in some movement.
  5. Journal.
  6. Meditate. 
  7. Create a to-do list for the rest of the day. 
  8. Shower and get ready for the day. 

Your morning routine doesn’t have to have all (or any) of these steps, this is just an example to help you get started. 

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How To Create A Morning Routine And Stick To It


Creating and implementing a morning routine could quite literally change your life. If you’re on the fence about creating a morning routine, give it a try for a month and see what happens. My guess is that you will want to stick to it! 

Good luck on creating your mourning routine and Thanks again Macy for writing for us!

QUESTION: What’s your morning routine like? And how do you stick to your routines?



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