If you are like most people, your home is one of your main places of relaxation and comfort. But while your home is important to you, it can also be a major source of cleaning and maintenance stress. Today, we are unraveling home cleaning secrets that are worth sharing with everyone.

Between juggling work and family commitments, it can be challenging to find the time to clean your home regularly. And before you know it, the dust bunnies have started to take over!

If you want to prevent dirt and grime from building up in your home, you must take a few simple steps to help keep things clean regularly.

Here are 4 home cleaning secrets you should know:

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1.   Pillow care

A lot of emphases is placed on regular washing and changing of pillowcases but little attention is given to the need to wash the pillows themselves. Pillows should be washed every three to five months, and if you stay in a place like Tampa, a washing machine or laundry service Tampa can be used for deep pillow cleans.

But, be sure to check their labels and see if they are washing machines suitable. Use the delicate wash and spin option with the addition of a little detergent. Air dry after washing or tumble dry on low heat setting for a few hours until the pillow is completely dry.

2.   Getting rid of the foul smell from your sink

The sink is another place in the home that can give off an offensive odor, and this usually comes from the garbage disposal. While the garbage disposal cleans itself well, a lot of things get washed down the disposal and this can lead to the buildup of crusty waste which traps bacteria that give off bad smells.

To remove this smell by cleaning the garbage disposal, turn off the power and drop in a few orange or lemon peels into the disposal. Turn it on for a few seconds so these peels can get rid of the crusty waste materials there and remove the smell from the bacteria.

Also, you can use ice cubes by simply dropping them into the disposal and running it. The ice pieces help to dislodge dirt, cleaning the garbage disposal.

3.   Bathroom soap scum removal

Bathroom scum is one film caked on bathroom tubs and showers that can be difficult to remove. Rubbing alone cannot get rid of the bathroom scum or it may take longer to clear.

Instead, allow the surface to dry before scraping off the scum with a plastic knife to avoid scratches and peels on the surface. Then, use a surface cleaner to clean the grout lines of your bathroom.

4.   Cleaning the Oven

The oven can be a trap of bad smells due to the kinds of items and ingredients that go into it regularly. Sometimes, there are spills and splashes of these food items. Even when they are wiped off immediately, ovens retain the smell and this builds up over time.

To get rid of this smell from your oven, make a paste out of baking soda, water, and dishwashing soap. Use a soft sponge to rub this mixture all over the interior of your oven and let it stay overnight with the oven door closed. After sitting overnight, use a mixture of equal part water and vinegar to wipe all surfaces of the oven.

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What are your home cleaning secrets?

When cleaning any surface, machine, or room, it is best to have a consistent cleaning move. It helps organize your cleaning and does not leave trace marks of cleaning because you suddenly changed your cleaning movement. It is also ideal to clean household items like fridges, furniture, and washing machines from top to bottom.


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