Investing plays a huge part in the success of your blog. I strongly believe that when you invest in something, whether your blog, career, business, or yourself you will reap the benefits of it. Here is a collection of the courses I have invested in and highly recommend to scale your blog too.

Hear my story a little bit. I started blogging in July 2020 and it was during the quarantine days. At some point in our lives, we feel the need for growth and self-improvement and this was it for me. I took classes on skillshare and Udemy about programming. That sparked a passion for me to write and create stuff. It lead me to blog but the set-up was not as easy as what they say on ads and the internet. It does not take 5 minutes. In fact, it was frustrating from the start but I was determined to learn new things and acquire a new skill set.

Starting something is always exciting but to keep doing it is the real challenge. After 4 months of blogging, I almost gave up because I was not seeing results. Self-doubts started to creep in and I was worried if someone will ever read my blog. But it was not the time to give up. Instead, I bought courses about blogging. And I say it was the best thing I’ve ever done to my blog. Here is the collection of courses about blogging. Find the best deal and the course you think you need for your blog. I update this every month so be sure to come back from time to time.

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Pinterest with ell
mastering sales with ell

Ell is the expert when it comes to Pinterest and she is very honest with her audience. It’s one of the reasons I trusted her courses, Pinterest and Mastering Sales, I also bought her interest pin templates. I could not be happier because upon taking her course, I learned a lot of strategies to increase visibility on Pinterest. I jumped from 12k impressions to 53k in a month after implementing her tips and strategies. Her course about Marketing is also absolutely helpful to make income from your blog.

paid to post course
the blog monetization course

Chelsea is one of the best content monetization strategists. I took her Paid to post course because I was desperate to make money from paid content and the course was really informative. I was left in awe and inspired to reach out and pitch brands. The best thing that happened to me is that I gained confidence in my blog. I learned the strategic way to look for good platforms and reach out to brands. The result? I got out of my comfort zone (which is great) and made 200$ from sponsored content on my blog and on my social media accounts. I strongly believe you will get value from her courses. if you want to monetize your blog, this is the answer.

blog income boost bundle
blog growth starter pack

Anna is a blogging strategist and coach. She helps content creators increase their website traffic and make an income from their blogs. She never runs out of pro tips about blogging that’s why I love her. The first investment I made is her Making your first Affiliate sale Ebook. And guess what? I made my first affiliate sale and made my first $100. That moment when I received an email saying I got my first successful sale, I felt like a millionaire already. It was not much but I do believe I can increase it and make more sales. You can now save money by taking her bundles.