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Do you ever find yourself struggling to get yourself together? Have you woken up one morning feeling lethargic, demotivated, and seemingly at your lowest point in life? Have you once questioned the purpose of your existence – why things happen most unexpectedly and painfully; why your plans seem to materialize not in accord with what you have in mind?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need inspiration and boost in your life, may it be in your relationship, career, or when you find it hard to jump out of bed on a Monday morning, use this list of Inspirational quotes to live by. 

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15 Inspirational quotes to motivate you

In the quest of getting the best and most out of life, we are sometimes faced with such a dilemma. Most of us may whine about it, throw in the towel, and just settle on living in mediocrity.

We can create our own limitations and confinement; we give an ultimatum to ourselves. These thus, lead us to give up on achieving more and forget about the success that awaits us at the end of the day.

To keep us away from this tendency and to help us stay focused on our goals, below is a list of inspirational quotes to live by from reputable and highly esteemed people that we can put to use.

By adapting these lines as part of our mantras in our daily life, we will be eventually and amply rewarded. If others have the power to change their circumstance for the better, why can’t we? 

1. This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes. – Mark Manson

We live in a world that is often characterized as harsh and unforgiving. Every so often, we are faced with a series of trials that would put our patience and grit to the test. Yet, as they say, it is through these challenges that the best warriors are selected.

Like the forging of the best sword of all, we are subjected to several cycles of intense heating and cooling. Our “smith” is our struggle and it pounds us over and over again until we become stronger and ready.

Our struggle is a gift, never a curse. It reveals our true nature – success and destiny – success. 

2. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek – Joseph Campbell 

There is one “place” that we feel terrified and hesitant to leave – it is our Comfort Zone. There is a reason why it was named that way. It is solely for “comfort”. 

People who are reluctant to go out there are often stuck and remain stagnant. They have been oriented with a life they believe they are destined to have and can only have. They settle on what is common and mediocre.

Yet, as Belle in Beauty and the Beast once sang out loud for her village to hear, “there must be more than this provincial life”. 

Indeed, there is! It only takes courage and bravery to really step out there and create a life we will forever relish. Real “change” knocks on our door every time; we are just averse to opening and actually welcoming it to our lives. 

If you can only choose one quote to live by, let it be this. Choose courage over comfort every day and you shall receive your desired result. I choose courage by constantly learning new things and I do that with Udemy.

It is an online platform with thousands of courses from personal development, programming, web development, and design, the list goes on. I started taking lessons related to blogging and I got my desired result, my own blog.


3. “Your past does not equal your future.” – Tony Robbins

If there is one thing that we should let go of, it is our past. Cliché as it may sound, our past does not define who we are at present. We may have previously failed several times, disappointed those people rooting for us; even screwed some.

Then again, that does not mean we are incapable of metamorphosing. Take the life cycle of a butterfly as an analogy. Before it can turn into the adult and stunning butterfly that it is, it must undergo the process of metamorphosis – from an egg to a caterpillar.

From being a not-so-good-looking caterpillar to a pupa. Then finally, a butterfly.

Like beautiful butterflies, our past is a necessary stage that we must go through, however revolting and unfavorable it was. After all, we are all work in progress. With this beautiful explanation, can you agree with me that it’s the best quote to live by?

4. Be like a postage stamp – stick to something until you get to your destination. -Josh Billings

This quote struck me like a lightning. It became my favorite instantly because I struggled for years to achieve my big goals. I had to learn that once you have a clear goal, stay true to it. Map out your plans to achieve such goals. Bear in mind that the road to success is winding and often confusing. Thus, we are more likely confronted with several bumps on our way up there. We trip and surely fall. Yet again, that is life. 

Be like a postage stamp – stick to something until you get to your destination. -Josh Billings on a frame

Remember the famous line regarding lemon? Yes, what does it say? “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Acknowledging that life is not always easy and that success does not happen overnight is the first step to realizing our purpose.  

As we march forward, we should carry in ourselves the undying passion that we once have when we were still starting. We cannot see the end of the road yet. But let us tread on anyway. At the end of the day, we will get the prize we have been aiming for at the beginning of time


5. At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself: “I have to work – as a human being.” – Marcus Aurelius 

Make no excuses. Once the day calls for you, get up and start working. Do not ever let the comfort of the bed tempt and obstruct you from doing what you are set for the day. 

We are brought into this world with a purpose. There is no reason for us to complain about why we have to wake up early. Our time is fleeting. Therefore, we cannot afford to waste even a fraction of it whining and lazing around.  

We want improvement; we dare to aim and desire for more. Well, let us then make a little sacrifice and start with our day with eagerness and zeal.


6. At the end of the day, remind yourself that you did the best you could, and that is good enough -Lori Deschene

If there is something that we seem to be an expert at, it is beating ourselves up. We are our critics. Although that may be is helpful as we get to improve ourselves in the process; it is taxing and exhausting nonetheless if it is done every time we fail.

Cherishing the little things we do every day is a key to living a more fulfilling and relaxing life. I know for a fact that we all have this intense desire to do all the things we have planned in one sitting. We all want to attain what we have pictured in our heads. However, that is not the case in reality. Sometimes, if not most of the time, we are being shortchanged.

But let us remind ourselves that that is okay. We exerted effort. We did what we could. The work is done for the day. Tomorrow again.

7. Always be the first version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else. – Judy Garland

The bane of our lives is to live a life that is not ours. We will not last long at any rate. We will most likely live in the shadows for not being original and outshine by those who know themselves better than anyone else.

Having self-awareness is one of the indispensable tools that we should have. Knowing what we want, where we are going, and who we benefit from having control of our life. It is okay to emulate someone else who we look up to. That is necessary as it propels us to better ourselves. Yet that does not necessarily mean we will actually live in their shoes.

We are created with our own template. We are endowed with the ability to be successful. We must then embrace this uniqueness in us and start living a more authentic life. 

8. Love your body. Stop fixing it. It was never broken – Eve Ensler

This can be your best quote to live by if self-love is your thing. 

As we get deeper into the digital world, the view we have of ourselves changes. We are exposed to believing that physical appearance matters more than anything.

We are flawed, that is for sure. But that does not give us the ticket to go and literally have our bodies modified just because we want to fit in. 

There is nothing wrong with how we look. We are molded in the most extraordinary way we can imagine. We are our Creator’s masterpieces. Thus, to think that something is wrong with our body; that our curves and shapes are in the wrong places is an affront. What we have to change is our mindset. How we view ourselves matters. 


9. You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches – Dita Von Teese

Have you ever experienced posting something worth liking or even reacting to on Facebook but ended up receiving none? Well, you are not alone. I did. I even questioned myself if something was wrong with what I posted. Later on, I realized it may be because it was me who made that post.

It is universally known that we cannot please everybody, let alone like us. As much as we want to be as perfect and as pleasing as to have every human in this world to appreciate us, we just can’t. There is only so much we can do.

The least we can do is to do ourselves a favor – to stop pleasing others and focus on our main goal. 

10. Ultimately, the aim of life should be really to eliminate and not accumulate

All our lives, we may have been told to gain as much, and as many as we can. That to have a beautiful and fulfilling life, we have to aim at amassing wealth, friends, and higher education. Our eyes are set on staying on top of our game. 

These material things satisfy and give value to us at some point. But it is often brief and fleeting, never lasting. It is even stressful sometimes.

The meaning of life is essentially based on what really matters. What’s wealth without peace and what’s peace without love? Ridding ourselves of those that frequently burden and stress us out is our passport to a happier life. 

2017 when I discovered the concept of minimalism. I was bored in my place so I decided to go around my city. I ended up in a bookstore. I didn’t realize it at that time but when I walked through the door, I was heading to one of the most significant times of my life.

I discovered the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. The book taught me to value things and get rid of the things I don’t really need.


11. If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse. Jen Sincero

This is, by far, one of the most on-point motivational quotes to live by I have come across. The above line intends to silence the voices in our heads that attempt to stop us from chasing and creating an actual change.

We at times tend to come up with an excuse, an apparently pathetic and embarrassing one when overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ahead. We somehow lead ourselves to believe that we can put success off for tomorrow.

We seem to lack ambition and the drive to strive and go the extra mile to gain something. As a result of not having to achieve one task for the day, we find ourselves in a corner regretting and feeling guilty for the time we wasted.

This is the mindset of a mediocre. God forbid we wanted to be branded as mediocre! If success is what we truly desire, we must then push ourselves, no matter how tough it is, and climb up the ladder. 

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12. Be grateful for those people who said “No”

It is frustrating and embarrassing to get turned down by those people who we think are willing to help us. They may be are our families and friends. Our being accustomed to receiving help from others most often than not lead us to disappointments and sometimes, regrets. To make matters worse, we harbor a grudge against them.

“No” will certainly give us discomfort. But by looking at the bright side, it is another blessing in disguise.

We may not see or realize it now but the word “no” means a series of opportunities. By hearing this seemingly despicable word, we are compelled to stand on our own feet. We get to think with our minds and make decisions for ourselves.

We get to explore, discover, and get acquainted with the abilities we are unaware of. We might be even surprised that we have the capacity to do things on our own.

13. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have – Eckhart Tolle

In his book the power of now, Echart Tolle talks about being present and enjoying the moment. The more you give attention to your past, the more you energize it and the more problems you will recreate.

The more you focus on the future, the more worries you attract into your life. Instead, he said it clearly in his book, focus on the present and an appreciation for the now will bring you peace. Here are eight ways to be more present and experience the power of being present.

A focus on the now and appreciation for the present will bring you closer to your true self and self-actualization.

Meditation is my way to feel my presence and Guided Mind helps me through my meditations. It brought me a lot of positive things such as gratitude, appreciation, and not worrying about the future. They’ve got powerful subliminal messages you can listen to.


14. Be like the rock that waves keep crashing over. It stands unmoved and the raging of the sea falls still around it. – Marcus Aurelius

Obstacles come in many forms. To name a few, we have “failing our test, losing someone dear to us, poverty, and low self-esteem”. These can either break or make us. It is our choice.

Like the sturdy rock, we have the power to transcend our misfortunes. Whatever form of sufferings we may go through, let us remain hell-bent and humble, even grateful for they are there to train and fortify us.

We have a fighter in us. If we only channel it, we will remain unfazed in the face of adversity. 


15. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time – Max Ehrman

Knowing what you are passionate about is crucial in this ever-changing life. It is what keeps us going; it is what pushes us to grind every single day; it is what propels us. Passion is lasting; it is as permanent as change. 

No matter what we do in life, let us treasure it; value it. The job you do now is a blessing in itself. There may be times you want to throw in the towel and quit, but keep doing your best anyway to stay on top of your game.

If you ever find yourself losing interest in what you do, take a break. Rest if you must, but do not ever, ever quit. Take some time to get yourself together. Keep fueling that fire you have with determination and the hope for a better day.


The journey that we opted for is dark and uncertain. Yet hang in there and fret not as you are not alone. We are on this journey together. Wherever you are in life, keep pushing. Be like a wolf climbing up a hill, the steeper the mountain gets, the hungrier and more aggressive it becomes. 

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. 

The world we live in today is fast-paced and apparently materialistic. We are oriented with the belief that only big victories and lofty dreams are worth celebrating. Our eyes seem to zoom in on what is flashy, luxurious, and prestigious. This belief we have wears us out; or worse, devastates us as we are led to believe that we are not good enough.

Victories, achievements, and plans – may it be small or big – should be appreciated and celebrated to the fullest and as often as possible. Small victories serve as the foundation of much greater ones. They are essential in boosting our self-confidence; in pushing us to go out in the field and do the job.

Plans should not be necessarily big nor should our achievements be. Let us not then make the mistake of overlooking these. 

Are you struggling to stay inspired lately This article is dedicated to help you stay inspired and motivated

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As we carry on the path we have chosen, let us remember this legendary line – “Rome was not built in one day” and so are we. We are all work in progress. It may even take forever for us to notice actual and concrete developments. The least we can do then is to keep trying, to learn from people who have gone through their own share of struggles and challenges in life. Take these 15 quotes to live by and hopefully will bring you motivation and inspiration. Stay inspired and motivated.

QUESTION: What are your motivational quotes to live by?

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