Summer is fastly approaching. Let`s look at some of the energy saving tips for warmer weather.

We are constantly seeking new methods to save energy in our houses. Winter is usually a horrible time for energy usage; we’re often turning up the heat or taking an additional bath to stay warm during the week! In reality, there are ways to conserve energy even throughout the summer. 

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Use these energy-saving tips to remain ahead of the game during spring and summer.

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Even though we would want weeks of wonderfully cool spring mornings and long hot summers, this does not always occur. We’re probably in for a few April showers and even a couple of storms for good measure.

If this is the case, weatherproofing your property will be beneficial. Seal up any draughty doors and windows, and buy some draught excluders for those cooler days. You should also consider looking at Slimline Tanks, you can take advantage of any rain and store water for the warm months.

Look At Your Energy 

Even if the weather is warming up, it’s important reconsidering how you heat your home. The sooner you start, the better prepared you’ll be for the unexpected weather.

Heating oil, for example, is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to gas and electricity. Heating oil is inexpensive, and the heat it produces circulates around your home more quickly. Of course, once the warmer weather hits, you can keep your heating oil until you need it again.

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Add Ceiling Fans 

It’s not always practicable, but installing ceiling fans is significantly more efficient than installing an air-conditioning system, and they function well enough. A whole house fan installed in your loft can circulate colder air throughout your home while forcing warmer air out through a vent.

Utilizing this instead of air conditioning systems is an excellent way to save electricity.

Dry On Your Line

The warm weather prefers a full laundry line of freshly laundered garments – so make use of it! Instead of relying on your dryer and wasting electricity, take a few extra minutes to hang your laundry to dry.

In Japan, the concept of the dryer is alien. Drying your clothes in the open under the sun has been the norm and it`s looked upon as the best way to dry laundry. It is indeed the best because you can save electricity. Japanese houses are usually small and there is no space for a laundry room with a huge dryer.

Always Turn Off Unused Appliances

When spring and summer arrive, the last thing you want to do is stay indoors and watch TV. You should be out there, enjoying the sunshine! However, before you go, make sure to switch off all of your appliances. This includes lights, equipment, and any switches that leave things on standby. Your energy bills will be significantly reduced.

This is something my parents have taught me well in my childhood. On a sunny day, we would always go outside and play with friends instead of watching TV in the living room. Only now that I appreciate the importance of it.

Turn Down Your Water Temperature 

Let’s face it, no one wants to take a hot shower when it’s scorching outside. Instead, turn down the heat on your water heater. You will not only save approximately 18% of the energy utilized in your home by doing this, but you will also be considerably more comfortable.

Sharing is Caring

What are your energy saving tips for warmer weather?

This year, make sure to follow these energy-saving practices. You will not only notice a difference in your energy expenditures, but you will also be helping the environment. Do you know any other tips that could help? Please share a few of them in the comments below. 



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