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Many of us aspire to have happy relationships but only a few know how to achieve them. How are happy and strong relationships made? How do we build them? You may have heard the quote that happiness is a journey and not a destination. This applies to relationships too. It`s not that when you achieve happiness, then you will be happy for the entire relationship. It is definitely a work in progress and it takes effort to build a happy relationship.

Our relationships are a source of life satisfaction that`s why it is important to keep a happy relationship. When your relationships are healthy, they radiate happiness and satisfaction in your lives. Simply say, having a happy relationship means having a happy life too. It is worth digging into people`s secrets to keep their relationships happy because they will definitely improve the quality of our lives. Are you ready to uncover them?

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Secrets of couples who are happy in relationships

Secrets to happy relationships include being able to communicate effectively, having good boundaries, and knowing when to say no.

Learn how to communicate effectively with others.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you need to learn how to communicate well. This includes learning how to listen, express yourself clearly, and ask questions. You also need to understand what other people mean by what they say.

1. They have confidence and unwavering belief in their partner

When it comes to building a happy relationship, showing your confidence and support to people is very important. By giving your unwavering belief, you can help your partner accomplish his dreams or any agenda. This is always a good thing. It strengthens the relationship and forges happiness between the two of you.

You can show your support in a lot of ways, big or small. It is always good to verbalize things. Confirm that you want to help in any way and that he has your full support in his goals and desires. Let him try new things, find his passion, and just be there for him.

It is always encouraging to know that someone has your back, and it motivates us to take action. Show interest in his hobbies even if you don’t join them. I think that showing interest is enough and have that curiosity to learn more about them.

The lines of supporting your partner are not showing doubts when it comes to their desires. I know we cannot avoid having doubts but try not to amplify them. Acknowledge your worries but do not let them succumb to your thoughts because there are no good things that result from negative thoughts and doubts. Show your high confidence in your partner and show your unwavering belief.

2. Happy relationships demand a strong foundation

It’s like building houses or establishments. Every engineer would tell you that we need a solid foundation for the building to last and be strong. For the building to surpass any typhoons or earthquakes. The same applies to relationships, they need a strong foundation to start on.

We might want a shortcut, but the truth is there is no such thing as a shortcut to building a happy relationship.

We all need to start from a solid foundation and go through the stages of relationships patiently. But how do we build a strong foundation? This requires time and dedication from both sides. If only one person is working, even if he puts in so much effort, it will not work because it requires effort from both sides.

Here is an article that teaches how to build a strong foundation in a relationship.

3. They give trust in their partner

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When you have a strong foundation, you can create an even deeper bond and a stronger connection to your partner by giving your full trust. If there’s one thing, I learned about trust is that you can only earn it when you give it. This is true because how can you expect someone to trust you if, in the first place, you constantly doubt them? So, be generous with your trust.

I would tell this myself three or four years ago. I used to check my ex-boyfriend’s phone and messages. I would keep tabs on him and feel bad when he comes home late. It was even harder because we were in a long-distance relationship but believe me, it would always not help both of us when I constantly doubted him. I encourage you to not make the same mistake.

The second thing I know about trust is that once broken, it is almost impossible to fix it or earn it again. So, be careful not to break your partner’s trust.

People who are happy in relationships understand that without trust, relationships are doomed to fail from the beginning. Even if you have built a strong foundation when trust is not present, I don’t think you can fully achieve happiness.

4. Change in Routines

When are in a relationship for quite a while, it is common to get stuck in routines and get satisfied with mundane daily activities. But numerous studies show that couples who regularly change their routines tend to feel more intimate with each other. They have a deeper connection with each other and feel good when they try new things.

Changes in date night routines put you in a position where you can have a deeper connection with your partner. It is always good to try new things in bed, such as using a Clit Sucking Vibrator, handcuffs, and blindfolds, to discover new things about your partner.

Keep your partner curious and intrigued. Instead of staying at home and doing the usual things, why not plan out some new and adventurous activities such as hiking, going bowling, visiting a new restaurant instead of the usual ones, and visiting an old friend. There are more date ideas in Alida’s eBook. It is only $9 dollars but trust me, this eBook will have a significant effect on your happiness. Find new ways to connect with your partner.


5. They give truth, love, and appreciation

In all honesty, we love to hear compliments and positive words from people, especially from our loved ones. We all need to feel valued and appreciated because it boosts our self-confidence. So, letting your partner know that you appreciate love and care for him goes a long way toward a happier relationship.

To achieve ultimate happiness, it should be a two-way process. This means that you and your partner alternately give and receive compliments and positive words. And we all know that truth is the catalyst foundation of a relationship.

No one wants to be in a relationship founded by lies and no one wants to stay in a relationship that is surrounded by lies. Always, give and speak the truth even if it results in difficult conversations. Be honest with your feelings, and tell him your dreams, worries, and desires because he deserves the truth.

Discuss your fears in the relationship. Doing this will allow you to understand each other’s expectations and thoughts.

The next step is to talk about what things you can do to not let these fear be in control. Honesty is one of my important values in a relationship. I am always honest with my emotions and whereabouts. And so far, this makes us happy and trust each other.  

5. Happy relationships start with being Single

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The first step to building a happy relationship is singleness. This means being whole and knowing yourself before entering a relationship. Work on yourself and this includes self-improvement projects such as reading books, improving your mindset, raising your vibration, self-love and self-care, journaling, and working on your career.

Be an independent woman. Aspire to know and love yourself and even when you find yourself in a relationship, do not let identity be consumed by the relationship.

Being single while in a relationship is setting personal boundaries and having your own friends, hobbies, activities, and passion. Doing things like learning a new language, or developing a new hobby will help you be the best version of yourself and when you are, you don’t need to depend on the relationship or your partner to make you happy. You are responsible for your own happiness.


Singleness is the time for investing in different aspects of our lives so that when our partner comes, we are ready. Improve yourself while you are single, and this will help you build a strong foundation for your future relationships.

This phase gives us ample time to figure things out and know ourselves before committing to a serious relationship. It prepares us to be better partners so take time to nurture yourself. There’s no rush. Singleness is a good thing.



There is always a chance to make a relationship happier. I too am constantly working on my relationship by reading books. I stumbled upon Andrew Sobel and Jerold Pana’s book, Power Relationships and I would like to pass on some nuggets of wisdom from their book.

One law of creating power relationships is to always show acts of kindness and selflessness because they create powerful bonds. Small acts can significantly strengthen a relationship.

Think about how you can help your partner. This can be sacrificing your time and joining him. Spend quality time with your partner. Do acts of kindness such as giving him a massage after a tiring day, making him a cup of hot tea or coffee, or helping with his work. I love to give my boyfriend massages and he really appreciates it. I took this massage course and it helped me gain techniques and use them with him.

Do not keep watering a dead flower. When the relationship is over, do not be afraid to leave.

Mark manson

Lastly, do not be afraid to leave the relationship. This is something I learned from reading Mark Manson’s blog. He mentioned that when the relationship is zapping your time and energy without enriching your life, it’s time to consider leaving.

I know this is something we fear because we are too comfortable being with someone and we think we can’t find ourselves again but the truth is, there’s no point staying in a relationship when it doesn’t bring you any value anymore. When you are not happy with your partner anymore, When it’s hard to restore vibrancy, love, and connection, it’s time to consider whether you want them around.

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6 secrets of people who are happy in relationships Pinterest pin
6 secrets of people who are happy in relationships Pinterest pin

What makes a happy relationship?

Many of us want happy relationships. Although it takes time and effort to build one, by engaging in the practices mentioned above, you can bring quality to your relationship. If you feel like something is weighing your relationship down, take inventory. Make lists and try these tips happy people do. Remind yourself of these tips and always chose to see good things in the relationship. Remember that relationships are two-way- streets and always choose to be in a reciprocal relationship. All the best!



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