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Characters are what make a person. But what makes an inspirational person? What are the qualities of inspirational people?

Characters define who you are and what you would become – whether to be a commendable inspiration for others to follow or a disappointment. We often hear heart-moving stories about inspirational people such as the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Mel Robbins, Emma Watson, etc. They are perhaps among those people we look up to apart from our parents.

What made them truly notable are their distinct qualities. Inspirational people are often characterized as believers in themselves and in others. Aside from that, there’s more. Here are among those leading qualities inspirational people share in common.

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What makes someone an inspirational person?

1. They are driven and committed

Giving up is not in their vocabulary. They understand that with these great visions comes great responsibility. They know that they have to make sacrifices and commit most of their time to work on their dreams.

They may stumble on their path to success, but that’s just it. They dust themselves and get back on track.

2. They are courageous even in times of fear

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, once said that Life is cruel and it’s cruelest to the weak. Indeed, in times of fear, most of us tend to succumb or give in to its power.

But an inspirational person doesn’t do that. She has the courage and she uses it to achieve her dream. In spite of fear, she moves forward and never backs down.

3. They have integrity

We all admire people with integrity. Integrity is one of the great qualities an inspirational person has. It is doing what it must even if no one’s looking. She understands that honesty in all her work matters more than anything else. She gains the trust and confidence of others around him.

In some way, she is also inspiring others to do the same.

4. They are strong-willed

Strong-willed people are not easily daunted or discouraged when life does not treat them well. Instead, they take that as a challenge. Their determined nature, which they honed from years and years of practice, makes them stand out in the crowd and succeed.

They are fierce warriors and they follow through with their targets.

5. They continuously seek self-growth and development

Learning is a continuous and lifetime process for inspirational people.  They are like philosophers; they seek knowledge and ways to enrich their abilities. For them to continue growing, they invest in educating themselves. They sign up for some online courses and they even join clubs.

They recognize the fact that there is more to what they currently have. 


6. They are sympathetic to others

One of the prominent qualities of inspirational people is their ability to really pay attention to others. They lend a sympathetic ear. Most of us are too wrapped up in our own little world that we fail to see what is going on around us; that some of the people we care about need us.

Life is not perfect but inspirational people strive to spare time for others to truly understand where they are coming from.

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7. They are expressive

Because of their bold personality, inspirational people are not afraid to express themselves. More often than not, they share what they know and they can be very blunt at some point. They do not do this to offend others but they do so with the aim of helping those who may be confused with or lost in their life.

8. They believe in the power of teamwork

Michael Jordan has this to say, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. This is true for people who seek great results. Collaboration for them is an indispensable element for a team to thrive and achieve success.

They brainstorm and encourage their members to share their input. They discuss and innovate together. As a result, they could achieve the success they have been yearning for.

9. They are good communicators

Great communicators are well-rounded people; they have comprehensive knowledge of various subjects. This is one of the many great qualities of inspirational people.

They are aware that to be able to mingle and socialize with others, they have to have substantial ideas on different topics.

Not only that, they listen first and pay attention before they speak. They connect emotionally to people to whom they are speaking at the moment.

10. They are not afraid to show vulnerability

For them, they view vulnerability as a sign of strength. It is a part of our humanity. That we are flawed and make mistakes after all. They understand that sharing their other side would inspire people to work more comfortably with them.

Likewise, they believe that vulnerability breeds creativity and innovation. Showing that they don’t know it all would encourage others to share what they know.

11. They practice authenticity

Being genuine is truly liberating and it shows someone else’s confidence. Thus, inspirational people, choose to be themselves – to be true to others.

They embrace their different personality shades. They do away from faking their style just to conform to the standards set by society. Their authenticity makes people gravitate toward them.

12. They listen to their intuition

If you want to have the qualities of inspiration people, you have to learn how to listen to your intuition.

Studies show that intuition is the highest form of intelligence. It is the so-called “gut feeling”. It is that tiny voice in your head telling you that something is right or wrong. Inspirational people know by heart the benefits of listening to their intuition in their daily life. It is a must in decision-making.

But intuition requires sharpening. Thus, they do the brain work. They strive to read as many various topics as they can.

13. They are considerate of others

Inspirational people mind their manners. They are trained to act accordingly, in public and in the private side of their life. To be able to understand others, they show empathy by putting themselves in their shoes.  Most of all, they offer a helping hand whenever it is necessary.

14. They uplift one another 

Everybody needs someone to encourage or support them. For inspirational people, uplifting others not only make them feel good but it gives them a sense of purpose. Their action of helping others creates a positive ripple throughout the community, inspiring others to make a difference by simply lending a helping hand with their kind words.

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15. They see good in people

Oftentimes, when we are consumed with anger or annoyance, we seem to see only one thing – that is, how bad people around us are. However, inspirational individuals, go all out and see good in people. They understand why others behave the way they are; that behind those negative sides of them lies a truly good nature person.

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16. They are realistic

For inspirational people, their vast experience taught them that having a realistic perspective helps them get by easily.

They know that life happens; that sometimes they experience some failures and that is okay for them. By being realistic, inspirational people are prepared for what is to come and ready to act on them.

17. They value others’ input

The success of inspirational people is determined by their relationship with others in their team. They recognize the significance of each member’s input.

They genuinely do this to seek fresh ideas and come up with better outputs. As a result of showing interest in others’ thoughts, they create a better environment where ideas are shared openly.

18. They seek advice

Seeking advice is an effective tool to make better decisions and come up with more favorable results. In fact, those who are open to guidance succeed.

No wonder inspirational people attained their status in life as they are always willing to learn especially from others. It is daunting to do this but we just have to do it anyway. After all, we all want to be able to resolve a certain problem.

19. They are humble

One extraordinary characteristic of inspirational people is humility. They may have more in life, but they don’t boast about it.

They acknowledge their strengths as well as their weaknesses and they even credit their peers for their success. They know that had it not been for the help of those people around them, they would not have reached where they are now.

20. They build their network

Most researchers have discovered that those who are well-connected are the most prosperous in business and life in general. Inspirational people invest in their relationships with their peers professionally and personally.

Networking for them is one of their ways to achieve lifelong career development. It also keeps them updated on the latest business trend and meets some prospective partners.

21. They share words to inspire others

Inspirational people go the extra mile to motivate others – utilizing their talents such as blogging or vlogging. They write and share their experiences in hopes of making a difference in the life of others. Their wisdom and knowledge encourage people to come up with their own visions as well.

22. They evaluate themselves

Inspirational people love evaluating themselves. As they aim to continuously grow and develop their abilities, they take some time off to step back and assess what they have achieved so far. Self-evaluation helps them to increase their productivity level even more as well as their leadership skills.

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23. They are globetrotters

Travelling brings you to places you have never been before. It teaches you to appreciate various and unique cultures of different groups of people around the world. Inspirational people spare time to travel either domestically or internationally.

They do not only seek pleasure but they also yearn to expose themselves to other people’s rich cultures.

24. They stay curious

Isaac Newton had this to say – “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”. People who are curious create more innovations. They have a broader perspective as they aim to view things from different angles. Their inquisitive nature makes them understand the world and the people around them.

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25. They are open to new possibilities

Being open to new possibilities out there makes it easier for inspirational people to encounter favorable opportunities. They keep their doors open and they are not afraid to accept new challenges. As a result, they can have new experiences that help them hone and polish themselves even more.


26. They are flexible

As an old adage goes, nothing is set in stone. Every little thing in life is subject to change. That is why inspirational people are known for their adaptability and flexibility. When they know that things are not going well, they shift and change their paradigm – their pattern – to be able to fit in the situation. 

27. They put others first

It is indeed true that happiness is something we cannot buy or value in money. Happiness is defined by our good actions toward people. At most times, the strength of an inspirational person comes from his golden heart. By putting other people’s needs first, he is giving hope to humanity – that it is always good in people. 

28. They turn their wounds into wisdom

Business mogul and well-esteemed TV personality Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of an inspirational person. As a woman of color, she had her fair share of discrimination. But those did not deter her to become what she is now. Inspirational people’s key to survival is turning their wounds into wisdom and wisdom into good deeds.

29. They don’t settle for anything less

Mediocrity is never a word for inspirational people. For them, life is way too short to even settle for less than what they truly desire. They are limitless and they always keep an eye on excellence. They do their job to the best of their ability which makes them high-performing members of their company or in society.

30. They are spiritually driven

According to an article released by the University of Minnesota, USA, spirituality, in its general sense, includes a sense of connection to something bigger than us. It involves seeking the meaning of our life. People who are spiritually driven listen to their highest self – their purpose – to guide them in life.

They are always energetic and motivated because they don’t focus on the material ones. They focus on more important things – those that bring them lifelong happiness.

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30 qualities of inspirational people Pinterest pin

Ready to become an inspirational person?

With all those qualities of inspirational people we listed and discussed, we hope you feel more inspired. Indeed, we learn every day – from our own experience or from others. It may take ages before we can develop some of these qualities inspirational people have; let’s be bold anyway. Know that you are an inspiration to others yourself. 

As you go on with your life, remember these words from Mother Theresa – go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people. Stay inspired and motivated.



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