After a long week of hustling, everyone deserves a day off and it just happens that Sunday is the perfect day for that. It’s the designated rest day as you have more time for yourself. That’s why it is a chance to get your life together and establish a weekly reset routine before starting the new week.

On the surface, self care sounds like just taking a bath, listening to your favorite music, and taking care of yourself, but there’s more to it. Taking care of yourself matters when things get overwhelming and chaotic.

It is not selfish as other people would put it, it is prioritizing yourself, getting refreshed, and protecting your energy to be ready for a new week. If you are looking for ideas, here are self care tips you can try to have a well-spent Sunday.

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1. Practice gratitude for the day

Gratitude is as simple as saying a ‘thank you’ to those who helped when you needed it the most. After all, that’s what our teachers taught us since we were young. However, there is an underlying principle that more mature individuals need to learn in practicing gratitude effectively.

As we grow older, learning how to accept and appreciate our present situation becomes an important skill. When we start to realize how harsh reality and unfair life is, being grateful for all the simple things that life has to offer becomes easily overpowered by negativity brought by our problems. Yet you have to carry on and remember that challenges make us stronger than before.

That’s why you have to pat yourself on the back and recognize everything you’ve done within what seems like a very long week. No matter how little the accomplishment was such as getting out of bed, the mere fact that you are trying is already something to be proud of. So, smile and be grateful that you made it through. Don’t be afraid to look forward to starting a new week again.


Here are some ideas on how to practice gratitude on Sundays:

  • Writing a journal entry about your proudest moment of the week and who to thank for;
  • List down the top 5 things you are grateful for the day;
  • Going to mass and offering a sincere prayer;
  • Giving back to others by being a volunteer

2. Connect with others

Don’t lose touch with people just because you have school or work to focus on. Since you’ve been hustling and stressing over deadlines for the whole week, you might have also neglected the people who matter the most.

Sunday is perfect for setting quality time with your loved ones including family, friends, and partners. There are tons of exciting activities to do with them like a movie marathon, lunch or dinner, swimming, road trips, etc. The choices are endless!

3. Engage in self-nurturing activities

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Sometimes, you put other people’s needs above yours which is the usual common courtesy that we try to practice. It sort of became part of the many unwritten rules in society.

However, you don’t have to do this every day. In fact, simply looking out for yourself more is not an evil selfish act in itself. You are acknowledging healthy boundaries in terms of the care you give. It’s also giving yourself a chance to do activities that makes you feel better especially when you can’t normally do it on a weekday.

At the end of the day, the biggest responsibility you have is still yourself. Tell me, how could you possibly care for your loved ones if you suddenly became sick or mentally unstable because your needs were neglected for so long? So, go on and celebrate with you.

Nurture your mind, body, and soul at least once a week to avoid physical and mental burnouts. You can do this by going to the gym, trying out a new hobby, listening to your favorite music, and upgrading your skincare routine. Nurture your skin through moisturizers, or a warm, relaxing bath. For the best, give yourself the star treatment with Dermal Repair Complex supplements. Whatever your beauty routines are, take them as a great opportunity to reflect and take care of yourself.

Find out 25 other ways in this article: Taking Care of You: 25 Great Ways to Self-Nurture – Wings for the Heart

4. Relax and meditate for a moment

With all the anxieties and stress triggers that you’ve dealt with through the week, it’s easy to fall prey to serious mental health issues. In order to prevent this from worsening, you need to clear your thoughts and exhale all the other worries away.

Regain your inner peace through relaxation and meditation. Start your guided journey with apps such as Headspace and Calm which are free to download in GooglePlay and AppStore. Teal Swan also offers meditation guides.


5. Play soothing music

It is a no-brainer that music can affect one’s mood. But did you know that slower tempo music can make your mind quiet, and your muscles relaxed? According to the University of Neda Reno’s website, music could help release stress; and it does not only affect the emotions but also the body. “Native American, Celtic, Indian stringed instruments, drums, and flutes…” are the types of music that relaxes the mind very effectively even when played loudly.

Nature sounds such as rain and thunder mixed with light jazz, classical, and easy listening are also relaxing.

Finding the right soothing music depends on your style and preference. It may even be a trial-and-error process. However, there is no need to force yourself into a certain music genre that you don’t like. If you do so, you’ll just end up with a lot of tension.

Read more and find out your soothing music style via Releasing Stress Through the Power of Music | Counseling Services | University of Nevada, Reno

6. Plan the week’s outfit

Even if we’re in the midst of the pandemic, it sure is nice to have your outfits laid out in an organized manner. It also saves you a lot of time throughout the week since you don’t have to think about what to wear anymore. For zoom meetings, your top is still seen so why not wear that cute blouse you’ve been keeping in your closet?

Personally, getting dressed up nicely before starting to study or work (especially now that most of us are at home) is motivating and encourages productivity. Since you’re not in pajamas or any other nightwear for that instance, wearing an Instagrammable outfit of the day gives you a boost of confidence and you surely are ready to face the day’s challenges while looking great.

7. Have a social media detox

Social media is designed to be addictive. Most of us have already been a victim of the “endless scroll” rut. Aside from that, social media is filled with other people’s opinions on certain issues and it could be a toxic environment at times.

Although social media has allowed us to connect to the world faster, it also has its disadvantages such as being a hindrance to productivity and a nuisance to our lives. So, turn off your social media notifications and channel your energy into other things instead of at least once a week.

8. Tidy up and organize work desk

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Starting the week with a clean work desk is like a fresh start with a clear mind. Keeping the desk free from clutter will allow you to find things easily.

You also become more productive and focused without all the accumulated documents, notes, etc. from last week. You could tidy up and organize the work desk by throwing out scratch papers and expired documents since these are no longer useful.

9. Go for a walk

Don’t underestimate the power of walking because this could do wonders for your mind and body even if you just do this once a week. Most of us are already in front of our computers 24/7.

As simple as going out for a walk on a Sunday would help compensate for that kind of lifestyle. It’s a light exercise that also lets the mind wander while you enjoy the view.

Contrary to what we usually see on advertisements for protein shakes and gyms, complicated workouts do not really work for everyone.

A regular brisk walk around town or the city would suffice since it already has a lot of advantages according to research from Mayo Clinic. This includes strengthening the bones and muscles, improving the mood, and maintaining weight.

10. Attend a yoga class

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Yoga is open for all body types and ages. It not only improves your mobility and flexibility while doing the yoga poses but also trains your mind to relax and focus through the breathing exercises that go with it.

You really don’t have to be young and flexible to start since there are various classes offered which correspond to a certain level of difficulty.

11. Watch your favorite show on Hulu

Watching your favorite show on Hulu sounds like a treat! Well, it’s the reward you deserve after a long and hectic week. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy binge-watching before getting back to reality again.


12. Sleep early

Mondays are usually hated since it is the first day of work or school. It was as if the weekend was abruptly stopped as we face our usual routines again.

To avoid dwelling in that kind of mindset, try to sleep early on Sundays. You will surely feel refreshed and ready to start the week. It’s also a chance for you to reset your body clock.

13. Get moving and have a 30 minute workout

Sometimes, we can’t find the time to fit our workouts within the week because of our busy schedules. Since Sunday is the designated rest day, it’s the perfect day to insert a 30-minute workout. While there are still those who want to relax and do nothing as it is the only day that they are allowed to do so, neglecting your body should never be an option.

Actually, thirty minutes is just a short period of time. If you could sit down and binge-watch movies for hours, then you could definitely channel your energy into working out as well. You can’t always be a couch potato on Sundays. Life is about balance and you need to get moving for the sake of being healthy.

14. Hydrate yourself

It is a simple tip yet many people tend to forget that drinking at least 8 glasses of water is very important. It can be hard for some people to establish a routine of drinking lots of water, that’s why I like to set an hourly timer to remind me to drink my water.

I also don’t miss putting a water bottle beside my desk, my car, and my bag. It makes it easy for me to hydrate myself.

Hydration is not only limited to the liquids we intake and give to our bodies. You should also hydrate your skin by doing a skincare routine that fits you. Since our skins are often exposed to the sun and digital screens, you should also give it love by getting a facial from a trusted dermatology clinic or by doing it at home with drugstore-bought face masks.

15. Read books

Set your mind free with a good book of your choice. This will allow you to relax and at the same time, you get to learn something new. It is recommended to read self help or business books because it holds the opportunity to change your life realistically.

However, if you are a visual person, probably fiction books are what you would enjoy more. When you let the mind imagine and visualize the scenarios happening, you’ll get to experience it vividly. It is as if you are running your own TV show inside your mind!

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16. Listen to an Inspiring Podcast

Get your inspiration back by listening to other people’s stories of success. You’ll be surprised at how they handled the situation and challenges along their way. You could even apply the lessons they’ve learned in your personal lives.

You’re actually lucky that you don’t have to go through the same mistakes as them. Also, you could do other things while listening to an inspiring podcast such as showering, driving, or commuting. It’s not really that time-consuming when you could mix it up with other chores.

Sharing is Caring

16 self care tips for a well spent Sunday Pinterest pin
16 self care tips for a well spent Sunday Pinterest pin


With all these self care tips on having a well spent Sunday, it’s now your responsibility to choose which ones to incorporate into your routine. You are free to do the things that you enjoy on a day that is designated for rest. After all, Sunday is a celebration of you. Watching out for yourself is necessary for your well-being. So, let me know which ones are your favorite activities in this list by commenting down below.



  1. Jenny

    February 19, 2022 at 9:57 AM

    I typically love spending my Sunday focusing on self care and just doing whatever I want. I usually fit a nap in somewhere, watch a film and do lots of reading too.

    1. Ali

      February 19, 2022 at 11:45 PM

      These are great things to do Jenny to have a well-spent sunday. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. aisasami

    May 7, 2021 at 10:36 AM

    I find doing my chores (like laundry, cleaning, and going to the supermarket) is really relaxing for me. Especially chores when I know I sleep on clean sheets or have a clean apartment.

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