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No man is alike, that is for sure. But there’s one thing we share in common. We all want to succeed. We all want to have a better life. We all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Every single day we wake up, we have one purpose – to go out there and chase our dreams; to learn new skills; meet new people at work or virtually; or, to make this day one of the best days of our lifetime.

That then leads us to one thing – personal growth.

What is personal growth anyway?

Personal growth comes in many forms. Some people define it as self-improvement. Some may equate it with success.

For most, perhaps, they regard personal growth as a timeless pursuit of becoming a better version of themselves every day.  Anything that improves, enhances, and pushes you to become a better person is part of it.

Personal growth stems from our curiosity about the world, of what we’re capable of, and the potentials that we have. It is also the idea of discovering our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

Taken generally, personal growth is a process that requires time and effort. To continuously grow, you have to have a growth mindset. That is – believing that you can grow and flourish.

Why is personal growth important?

Our world is vastly and rapidly changing. We have to keep up. Gone were the days when you just sit down and do your work and get stuck. It’s high time you look after yourself.

Pursuing personal growth means a lot to your success and your life as a whole. It changes your outlook on life and it pushes you to see past the negatives things.

Engaging in personal development apparently helps you grow mentally. It makes you become better at relationships; at socializing with others. It strengthens you and fortifies your resolve. If you do something for the first time, it is uncomfortable. That is natural in personal growth.

There are tons of benefits that you can gain from pursuing personal growth. Most of them I would rather leave it to you to experience. Thus, I encourage you to make time for yourself.

Go try some of the personal growth challenges listed below. Discover and see what works for you.

Personal growth challenges to try

personal growth challenges - 2 practice skills everyday

1. Practice skills everyday

Having a set of skills is a must in this highly digital and competitive world. It can further boost your current success.

Thus, if you think you don’t have a skill at the moment, take time and explore. You can consult learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, or Shaw Academy. Maybe, you can find one that best suits your interest.

If you have a knack for photography or building websites, it is best you keep honing those skills every day. Make a room for improvement.


2. Cut out toxic people or relationships from your life

Personal growth requires bravery – bravery in weeding out negative energy. Negative energy may come from those people in your circle of relationships.

This may seem hard at first. But think of it this way – it is better to eliminate bad apples than to become like them.

So, don’t be afraid to let go. And move on once you do.

3. Gain more confidence

Confidence is what makes a person stand out. It is the foundation of success and growth. It is what makes you exceptional from the rest of the crowd.

Make time then to build your confidence. You can start this personal growth challenge by appreciating the little things you have achieved.

Congratulate yourself. You’ve done great and you can do it again.

4. Build resilience

In this trying time, I suppose resilience matters a lot. It is that force that keeps you going. So, no matter how many lemons life may throw upon you, you are still there – standing and fighting.

Include this in your pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself. You can do this by maintaining a hopeful mindset.

You can also build resilience by establishing meaningful connections with someone. I believe for us to thrive and become stronger, we need someone to push and encourage us to move further along.

5. Eliminate bad debt

One factor that can affect our happiness is having bad debts. These are those that take your money out of your pocket. You borrow money from someone and you go squandering it on unnecessary things.

Having bad debts may impede your personal development. So, resolve to eliminate it by tracking your expenses. You have to know your limits and where you’re putting your money.

And don’t forget to always prioritize your needs over your wants to avoid getting into bad debts.

How to Eliminate bad debt

6. Try minimalistic lifestyle

minimalistic lifestyle

There are a number of things that you can do to test yourself – your preference. One is adopting a minimalistic lifestyle. This has become a craze lately and I bet most people love it.

Take only what matters to you. Take what you need. You can downsize your place if you must.

By becoming a minimalist, you are giving yourself much space and freedom.

7. Organize your place

You can take a step towards personal growth by organizing your place. Redecorate or redesign your room. Give it your personal touch and make it homier.

You can also arrange your stuff by category. This makes it easier for you to locate things.

Having an organized place can help you focus and be more motivated. It keeps you sane and even more productive.

Here`s an article dedicated to how you can finally be organized.

8. 10 days of tech-free mornings

Most of us seem to be on “auto mode” every morning. This means that as soon as we wake up, we find ourselves fumbling in the dark in search of our phones.

Take upon this personal growth challenge and stay away from your phone in the morning.

As soon as you turn off your alarm, do other offline activities. Stretch and get those muscles moving instead. Or have a cup of coffee or tea to start the day.

One great thing to do first thing in the morning is maniscripting method. I learned this from taking Samantha`s course. Get your maniscripting journal and set your intentions every single day. Manifest things in your life.


9. Wardrobe declutters

Have you ever wasted time staring blankly at your wardrobe and clueless about what to wear? And worse, telling yourself that you don’t have clothes to wear when there are tons in front of you?

Well, I have and I don’t wish to go through that again. Decluttering saves time and space. Thus, clear your drawers out of those clothes that don’t fit your current style.

It doesn’t matter if you only have few clothes left. Just keep those that you truly love and that are durable.

10. More self-love and self-care

This does not mean you are being selfish. This only means that you extend the kindness, love, and generosity you have for others to yourself.

What is personal growth without self-love and self-care anyway? Thus, take a moment regularly to check in on yourself – to tend to your emotional well-being and indulge yourself a little.

Listen to what your body is saying. Rest if you must. You know, I always believe that for me to continuously help others, I have to look after myself first.

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11. Healthy meal planning

personal growth challenges - meal planning

One important aspect of personal development is meal planning. A well-planned meal is helpful in improving the quality of your life. It boosts your physical and mental health.

Meal planning does not only streamline your grocery shopping but can undoubtedly reduce food waste. Thus, set aside 30 minutes of your time every now and then to map out a healthy meal.

Our body is a temple. It is then important for you to nourish it with the proper amount of nutrients.

12. Meditate

Mindfulness plays a significant role in your life. It is the idea of being more self-aware and attuned to what is going on inside of your mind. It is a part of self-care.

Take control of your life by reforming your mind – by meditating. Let your thoughts flow like water. The more you let go of your thoughts, negative or positive, the calmer you become.

So, have a moment with yourself. Choose a quiet place where you feel more comfortable and meditate.

Check out this meditation course by Shaw Academy.

13. Do something productive everyday

Doing something productive maximizes time. You can do activities such as solving a puzzle online or a mathematical problem, if you may. These activities are known for enhancing our critical thinking skills.

You can also read a motivational quote and reflect on it. Write your thoughts or interpretation in your journal. Or maybe, you can write a thoughtful message to yourself.

If you have plenty of time, you can visit a museum or ride a bike. You don’t need to do anything grandiose. Do something simple and helpful.

Here are more productive things to do when you have ample time.

14. Connect with one person a day

Humans are cut out for socializing and networking with others. It’s how we survive and thrive in this world.

We need connections for our personal development. It opens doors to opportunities for new knowledge.  

So, muster the courage and connect with someone – it could be a family or a friend, or even a colleague. Reach out to them. Listen to their story and share yours as well.

12. Multiply income streams

This pandemic did take a toll on everybody’s finances. But it also pushes us to look for other ways to make money.

It motivates some to take financial education seriously. It is a must, therefore, to multiply our income streams or resources. You can do this by using your skills.

If you are into writing, setting your website for your blog is a good idea. Or, do vlogging if it suits your style. You can also sell books or rent out a car or even room to others.

13. Revise your routine

Having a routine saves us from being mentally and physically tired. But that doesn’t mean that you stick to one routine forever.

You can always revise your morning or evening routine. I think this is quite necessary to free up some rooms for new activities. Here`s how you can perfectly design your evening routine and get some ideas on what to do before going to bed.

Do not be afraid to try new routines and incorporate them into your schedule. After all, life is all about trying new things and enjoyment.

14. Improve work ethic

personal growth challenges -improve work ethics

A very important aspect of personal development is having a strong work ethic. This does not only motivate you to work every day but it defines you and your values.

Build a work ethic by being punctual and efficient. Strive to be the person who shows up first at work and does his/her job in a timely fashion.

15. Manage unrealistic expectations

People expect so much from others. The thing is some of these expectations are unrealistic and these could take a toll on you.

You can start managing unrealistic expectations by listening to what your heart and mind are telling you. Do these expectations set well with you or do they give you so much pressure than you can bear?

Take a huge step to personal growth and take responsibility for your actions and thoughts. After all, this is your life to lead.

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16. Brush up your body language

A picture paints a thousand words – so is your body language. And take note, they are quite important! They tell others so much about you.

You shake your legs when you’re nervous. You avoid eye contact when you’re shy or uncomfortable.

Work on your body language by becoming more aware of your facial expressions and the movement of your hands or legs. Know what they mean and resolve to change it.

17. Ditch procrastination

By delaying the tasks at hand, you’re not only setting yourself up for destruction. You are throwing away possible opportunities.

One way to ditch procrastination is to spread out the schedule. You can do the simple tasks now and schedule the rest on a particular day.

Leave no room for excuses. Just do it until it becomes a habit and you no longer need to worry about not being able to timely finish a task.

Sharing is Caring


Doing something out of the ordinary gives us a sense of purpose. Just imagine the things you can achieve if you focus on personal growth – on searching for ways to improve and grow mentally.

It’s true – it enhances your success and boosts your level of satisfaction. It makes you more proactive and fulfilled.

But it’s not only that. By showing that you can grow, that you can turn your seemingly mundane life into something extraordinary, you are attracting others to do the same. You are spreading positivity and inspiration.

I then encourage you to make self-improvement an integral part of your life. Your time is now.

QUESTION: What personal growth challenges are you trying? Which of these personal growth challenges would be easy and hard for you to incorporate into your lifestyle?



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