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A collaborative post/ Anyone can have their first dates successful. If you look around, you’ll find a lot of tips for dating and relationships and this article is one of them. It is dedicated to giving first date tips for women and securing a second date. You might have lots of worries on your first dates but with the right mindset and the help of these tips, your first date can be a pleasurable and exciting experience. 

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1. Mentally prepare yourself before your first date

Any first date can surely be exciting or daunting for some people, that’s why it is essential to mentally prepare yourself. To avoid first failure dates, so to speak. Set your goals for this date and envision the outcome you want.

Once you determine the things you want, think about how you are going to prepare yourself for them. Preparation in advance will help you deal with the contingency of your first date. Whenever unwanted turns of events happen, you are mentally prepared for it. 

Have an open mind to mentally prepare yourself. You probably should not go on your first date if your mind is preoccupied with worries, work, or problems. Expect less or even ditch any unrealistic expectations you have for the person.

They will just disappoint you. It’s good to stick with realistic expectations. There’s a possibility that you two will not click.

2. Make a great Impression

Now that you are prepared for your first date, it’s time to make a great impression. But how? Start with a genuine smile and eye contact. Smile is the best makeup you can wear and eye contact signals confidence. Or better yet, you could use pheromones for women to attract your first date and make a great impression by getting his attention with your specifically designed and delicate pheromone blend.

Being able to engage in good conversations and share funny stories is usually the best litmus test of a dates’ success. Make sure to make prepare interesting questions to throw at him. Talk about your accomplishments and for him to remember you, you have to have cool and interesting stuff that you do. Talk about unique things about you and add a little humor. 

One way to make a great impression is being able to speak his native language (if you have different nationalities). If not, just simply learning the basics of his language and his culture means a lot.

2.2 Be on time 

Being on time is crucial in making a great impression. Time is a valuable asset, and you don’t want to waste his time waiting for you. The date can easily be ruined by being late. 

Here’s to more tips on how to make a great impression on your first date

3. Plan and organize ahead

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 Nothing beats a woman who is well prepared for a date. It’s a vital indicator of whether your first date will meet its success or not. Planning a date involves selecting a good meeting place and I think women should have the say for this. Be assertive and opinionated. You might think men will get scared of you being high maintenance, but it’s just a misconception. If you’d like to have more conversations then go for a dinner date, if you are unsure, select a public place like parks. I suggest you avoid movie theaters on the first dates.

4. Put extra effort into your appearance and glam up

Most people would like to hang out with a woman who is presentable on their first date. This is your first date we are talking about so put a little extra effort into your appearance and glam up. Pick your best outfit, spruce yourself up. Choose the best hairstyle and make-up. Check these popular virtual date hairstyles. Don’t forget though to express yourself naturally because it always wins. Express yourself for what you feel yourself to be.

5. Be yourself

There’s no shame in expressing your true self on your first date. I know it’s hard to just be yourself on this nerve-wracking scary experience but try to be vulnerable as you can. Why? Because he will like you or fall in love with your character and your identity. If you get into the relationship and start showing your true character later in the relationship, there’s a possibility that he will fall out of love. 

If you have interesting or weird hobbies, be vulnerable about them. There’s no reason to hide them. Men love natural women. No hobbies to tell? Now is the time to start discovering your new hobbies. Go ahead and check Udemy or skillshare. They have thousands of online courses you can start with from photography, cooking, graphic design, or even skating and playing tennis.


6. Stay away from your phone

There’s no good reason to constantly check your phone on your first date. Turn off notification and focus on your date instead. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone who is not paying attention and just on their phones. I find it rude actually when I meet people for the first time and I try to talk to them, but they are glued to their phones. 

7. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep may affect your date. You can get cranky when you don’t have enough sleep and you don’t really want to ruin your first date. This is such a simple first date tip and it’s easy, to begin with. Get a solid seven or eight hours of sleep before your date. It’s good for your health and it leads to a better day

8. Be honest

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It’s best, to be honest on your first date because you don’t want to start a relationship that is founded on lies. It just won’t last long. Even if you get to tell embarrassing moments on your first date, choose to be honest. Build the foundation of your relationship of truth, not lies. I love how one of the blinks on Blinkist said it “It’s harder to backpedal later than it is to be up the front straight off.” Honesty is one of the greatest values someone can have. You can never go wrong with it.

9. Listen and talk more about the other person instead of you

Activate your true listening skills. A successful date is when you make the other person feel important and you do that by listening. As humans, we love to talk about ourselves, but I encourage you to be the last one to speak on your first date. As Dale Carnegie said in his book One secret to winning friends is to be genuinely interested in them. 

10. Get to know your date but try not to stalk

The dating scene is full of possibilities. You can find your Mr. right on your first date. You just need the right strategies and look for the things to do before diving in. Search for his profile and get to know him more by chatting. Look for his interests and hobbies so you can passionately talk about them on the day of your date. But don’t overdo it and stalk him. Also, don’t turn your first date into a job interview.

11. Set a new mindset 

When it comes to first dates, we can’t help to ask questions and doubt ourselves or the date itself. You might feel like the date is doomed to its failure. Your inner critic starts to cast and spew self-doubts. What if he won’t like me? What if we won’t click? Well, books and dating coaches will tell you to ditch your worries and set a positive mindset instead. I couldn’t agree more with this because believing is always the first step. Have a positive mindset and you’re halfway there already.

12. Less talk about your past relationships

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Talking about your ex-boyfriends not only gives misconception, but it might spark jealousy too. Besides, the past is the past. It may give a meaning that you’re not over your past relationships yet. Don’t bring toxic energy on your first date by bad-mouthing your exes either. 


Have you heard of the phrase “The best way to meet somebody to improve your life is to have an improved life itself” I love this because not only it’s powerful but it resonates with me. I am passionate about improving myself and it’s my mission to inspire fellow women to do the same. 

Before you go on your first date and enter into a relationship, a minimum requirement is to take care of your appearance, health and by doing this you are improving yourself. Relationship or dating 101 fact is that men are attracted to women who know how to take care of themselves. People are attracted to people who are strong, confident, and self-improved. Start improving yourself through reading books, doing creative stuff such as drawing, photography, illustrations, sports, or cooking. There are a lot of ways to improve yourself.

You can start Improving yourself with Udemy or Skillshare.

Another actionable advice you can take from me is to determine your values before going on dates and entering a relationship. What do you value in dating? What do you find attractive? Is it appearance, personality, career, or confidence? Because what you value also determines what kind of people you attract. For example, a 27-year-old woman who is ready to start a family will most likely attract a man who is at the same stage. Reprioritize your values before going on first dates.

As I have said, the world of dating is full of possibilities. You meet different kinds of interesting people. Follow these first date tips and actionable advice and watch as the magic happens. Watch your first date be successful and secure a second one. 


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12 first date tips for women pinterest pin


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    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips, as now everything is getting back to normal I’m starting to think to reignite my love life.

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    I have wrote a first date tips blog a year ago and we share the same tips! I’ve been in several dates so i must say that i agree with everything you said especially about talking more about the person instead of yourself. Wish my next date would be the one huhu

  3. Rowena Callo Villareno

    February 20, 2021 at 4:17 AM

    Great tips pero yung pinakagusto ko yung no.11.Get to know your date but try not to stalk minsan kasi gawain na talaga natin yan kaya nagiging negative yung mindset natin.

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    Aww thanks for these amazing tips! Would definitely help me next time!

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    Been awhile since I went on a date! These are great tips. Good to keep in mind when I consider dating again, perhaps once this virus is already under control I will.

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