Have you ever heard the word “empathy”? You often hear this term from people who describe their own emotions and personalities. With the volume of emotional energy you can discharge, you may have this skill to look through other people’s emotions, hear out their physical pain such as their mood swings, overwhelming emotions, emotional pain, and negative emotions, and correlate these emotions to your own feelings.

All of these fall under the concept of empathy, which we’ll get to know more about in this piece.

11 Signs That You're An Empath
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An average person may not be aware if they have this skill. Thus, in order to understand more about this idea in relation to mental health and intimate relationships, we need to define what empathy is and find out the signs if you’re an empath. Actually, there are types of empaths test to determine what type of empath you are, which we’ll also know in this article.

Empathy is usually about being highly sensitive about the feelings of others and being able to connect these to all your feelings. Empaths tend to put themselves in the shoes of others somehow.

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Here Are The 11 Signs That You’re An Empath

Many people often ask an empath whether they can read minds. Actually, these correlations may be possible. While empaths aren’t really able to completely read minds, they are deeply attuned to other people’s feelings, making this skill to get identified as a “superpower.”

Others believe that with this skill, there’s a great responsibility, so empaths search for resources like the empath’s survival guide. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 11 signs you’re an empath.

1. You’ve Been Told You Have Too Many Mood Swings

If you’re an “emotional chameleon,” chances are, you’ll reflect the changing feelings of other people.

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2. You’re The “Peacemaker” Among Your Family And Friends

As an empath, you always get bad energy, so you’ll always do what you can to keep the peace. And because you’re often in tune with others’ emotions, you become a pretty great mediator.

3. You’re Not A Fan Of Huge, Loud, And Busy Places

If you find crowded places uncomfortable with you, you may have the skill that sees through other people’s emotions — literally a lot of people’s emotions.

4. You Feel Physically ill When Someone Gets Angry With You Or Yells At You

This is true for highly sensitive individuals like empaths. This can be your sign that you’re an empath.

5. You’re Not Into TV Shows That Have Violent And Cruel Themes

If you find these unbearable, there’s a big possibility you’re an empath. Listen to what the experts say.

6. Other People Love To Offload Their Problems Onto You

Empaths are fantastic listeners. Being a true listener is great quality as a friend. A lot of people appreciate it.

7. You Tend To Have A Very Strong Intuition

You know things even without being told, so you refer to your gut feelings when making decisions.

8. You Feel Awkward Around “Fake” People

Who doesn’t? Well, empaths find these people uncomfortable because they’re hiding their true feelings.

9. You’re An Advocate Of Holistic Healing

Empathy is often a sidekick of holistic healing such as Reiki, acupuncture, and more.

10. You Possess A Deep Connection With Nature And Animals

Many empaths find the outdoors and being with animals a boost in their energy since there isn’t the usual negative energy they get from other people.

11. You Need Alone Time

Again, who doesn’t? Empaths often find the need to recharge after reeling all the emotions from around, so they want alone time, whether with nature or in their bedroom.

10 Types Of Empaths: Which One Are You?

Being an empath is considered a positive thing. Many people look at you as a “mutant” in the Marvel comics. However, the life of an empath often involves anxiety, confusion, and disorientation. Thus, it’s important to categorize them according to these empath types. Read on.

1. Claircognizant Empath

This type of empath possesses the ability to know that something needs to be done once they hear out other people’s feelings.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

Most empaths are touted as emotionally receptive and can feel other people’s emotions even before they’re expressed. Interesting, right?

3. Physically Receptive Empath

You’ve got the emotionally receptive empath, and then you have the physically receptive one. Many empaths are also physically receptive to the physical pains of others. Often, these manifest in the empath’s own body, and this skill is useful in healing.

4. Fauna Empath

Interestingly enough, this empath is empathic to animals, believe it or not.

5. Flora Empath

The counterpart of the fauna empath, this type of empath can receive physical and emotional signals from plants.

6. Geomantic Empath

It can only get weirder with this one. The geomantic empath can sense the energy and signals from the Earth. Empaths of this kind can feel if there’s a calamity happening. Goosebumps? Wait until you hear the next one.

7. Medium Empath

This type of empath can either feel, hear, see, or a combination, of spirits, usually from deceased people.

8. Psychometric Empath

People of this type can receive energy, impressions, and even information from physical objects like clothing, photographs, utensils, and more.

9. Precognitive Empath

This type of empath can feel the occurrence of events before they actually happen. This is showcased in dreams, or as physical or emotional sensations.

10. Precognitive Empath

Lastly, this type of empath can read unexpressed thoughts of other people.

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So, are you an empath? Which type of empath are you? We are hoping you learned a lot from our discussion. Thank you for reading. Feel free to share this article around.



  1. Elise Ho

    February 25, 2022 at 3:04 AM

    I have 10 out of 11 of the traits. I assimilate with Claircognizant Empath and Emotionally Receptive Empath but I actually dip my toe into a few others too.

  2. Christiana Acha

    February 24, 2022 at 8:29 PM

    I use to consider myself an empath but after reading this post, I’m not so sure anymore 😅
    Thanks for sharing these details.

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